Critical of What

The students of Salinas public schools should be inspired to learn the truth in our history of America (“People show their ignorance of what’s being taught in Salinas public schools,” July 1-7). The reason for that is so we can learn and improve the future for the next generation so we don’t make the same mistakes again and we can be proud of how far we have come from the courage of our founding fathers and the brave soldiers who fought for our freedom. Please educate, not indoctrinate, the students that are the future of this country. Marilyn Galli | Carmel

It’s a little scary that anyone with a conscience would try to support critical race theory. The people pushing this know it’s racist on its face to teach to anyone, but especially children who can’t properly process the idea that because they’re white; they are oppressors and anyone of color is oppressed. That’s as racist as you get. Judging anyone based on anything but character is wrong. Teachers have no business teaching things like that. Our American history has served this country well. The greatest generation learned old-fashioned history. The good and the bad.

And I’ve got news for you. Even moderate Democrats AND PEOPLE OF COLOR are pushing back. They know they’re wrong and it’s not going to pass the smell test. We have made mistakes as a country. But if you don’t study history you are bound to repeat history.

Anyone who blindly supports this is either ignorant of the facts or a liar. Where do you want to fall? Mark Clark | via email

Acts of Heroism

The United States is by no means a perfect country and this is true as we celebrate July Fourth, and every other day of the year, but America is certainly a nation inherently different from all others due to people exactly like Greenfield farmworker Marciana Lazaro who became an outreach worker during the height of Covid-19 pandemic stress (“Local Heroes: A celebration of the unsung essential workers who kept showing up through the pandemic – and a big thank you,” July 1-7).

Considering the acts of native-born Industrial Strength Jackasses who dressed up like it was Halloween and stormed our Capitol on Jan. 6 in an effort to subvert our democracy, there is no doubt it’s people like Ms. Lazaro whom we could use more of in this land. Thank you for her inspiring story. Tony Amarante | Seaside

It took a global pandemic to rebrand low-wage workers as “heroes” and “essentials” who made it possible for all those financially better off than them to have little to no exposure to the virus by comparison.

They continue to struggle to afford the basics like housing as corporate America continues to find profitable ways to eliminate their jobs. Unfortunately, only the few privately owned grocery stores remaining like Star Market can retain employees that long these days. Esther Malkin | Monterey

Race is On

You mention Regina Gage had previously run for Supervisor of District 2 but didn’t include any background information (“The race to represent North County on the Board of Supervisors is a year away, but is already revving up,” July 1-7). She is currently the executive director of Meals on Wheels of the Salinas Valley and is an elected member of the Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System board. She also included meeting with constituents as a substantial part of her platform in the last election. Rosalie Pinkert | Carmel

In your article, you failed to mention that Ms. Gage currently serves as a trustee on the prestigious Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System [board]. She was elected to this position in 2018, after her supervisorial run. The only item you focused on was the fact that she lost. Perhaps you should have mentioned that she had the courage to run in the first place. Susan Reed Selix | via email

Home Prices

Like anyone could afford to move there (“Marina housing developer tries to sweeten the pot for locals, but competition is fierce,” June 17-23). Maxine Lynx | Marina

The “affordable” [workforce] housing starts in the $700,000s??? Devon McCauley | via social media

Article should be titled “Marina’s greed for tax revenue allows big developer to build houses on top of one another and make millions.” Toby Keller | Monterey

All this new development is for new arrivals and keeping the locals doing their dirt jobs under poor conditions. GR Wall | via social media

Fly Away

Good for you! (“Riley Speidel got her pilot license at 16, and wants to inspire others to pursue careers in aviation,” June 17-23.) Laureen Diephof | via social media

It’s kind of a shame that no one bothered to mention current programs which have existed for a long time, such as the Young Eagles program offered by chapters of the Experimental Aircraft Association. In this program, kids up to 17 may take a flight with a local pilot (Salinas, Watsonville and Hollister) for free, with over 2 million to date. There is also online free ground school for participants. Few children have the resources to go it without help from outside the family and this is a start. For what it’s worth, I gave my current (female) flight instructor her first flight as a Young Eagle. Russ Wilcox | Salinas

Pour and Pedal

All his drinks are amazing! If you see him slinging drinks, get you one! (“NitroCycle831 brings coffee and juices all over the Peninsula – by bike,” June 24-30.) Lauren Dwight | Marina

I had a nitro mocha latte in Monterey on Sunday and it was delish. I would for sure have one again! Alayne Lima | via social media

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