Supposedly, Yes

“Supposedly” the land of the free? (“Monterey County NOW,” July 4.) Nice sentiment on the Fourth of July. When you find a country that is actually the land of the free, please let us all know. Kirstie Wilde | Pacific Grove

Marching Forward

Bravo to those who marched in the Black and Brown solidarity march Friday, July 2 (“Monterey County NOW,” June 30.) However, it was so disappointing to see the Seaside police in riot gear and brandishing long batons. The marchers were teachers, pastors, children in strollers, families, young people – all simply marching to make a statement about solidarity. No one was attempting to destroy property, to be disruptive, or cause chaos. Yet, many of the police were being antagonistic – taking pictures and putting up barriers. In fairness, some of the officers were supportive of the marchers, but other officers were hostile and verbally combative. This is the time for us to unify – regardless of our differences, we can still be respectful. Jyl Lutes | Salinas

Sound of Noise

Thank you Pam Marino for writing an article about the plight of North County residents and the apparent lack of understanding regarding the violations and enforcement of it (“North County residents are beyond frustrated with the county’s response to party noise and SIP enforcement,” July 2-8). This is not a new issue, so many of us were relieved when it was written to solve this issue. Now with SIP, the violations continue, and enforcement seems to be unavailable to the average resident here. Peace and restful sleep are commodities none of us have anymore. Ev Henry | Prunedale

As a North County resident who is frustrated with the level of party noise in the summer, I have a question about zoning. If these property owners are hosting large gatherings and are charging a fee to party-goers, then shouldn’t that automatically be considered running a business in a residential area? Maybe the way to stop this behavior is to hit the property owners with a massive tax for every party they host, and then send in an OSHA inspection team that finds massive “improvements” such as sound-proofing are needed on the property before another party can be held? Stef Helbock Pummell | via Facebook

Sniffle. Bye, Walter

Thanks to Walter Ryce and all the staff (“A message from a longtime Weekly arts writer before departing,” posted July 1). The Weekly is my indispensable resource these days. Know that you do a real service to the community. Fran Vardamis | Carmel

Thank you for supporting the arts community for all these years, Walter! I especially appreciated your generous coverage of events at the nonprofit Pacific Grove Art Center when I was the director there. Best of luck! Joan Jeffers McCleary | via Facebook

The Googie Incident

The inclusion of this paragraph in the article is not relevant to the incident: “There’s a backdrop, of course, that involves white people calling the police on Black people who are simply existing – bird watching in Central Park, or waiting for a friend outside a San Francisco high rise, or grilling in a park in Oakland. White people have effectively managed to weaponize police in situations where they feel uncomfortable because a Black person is occupying the same space.” (“Local Spin,” July 2-8). Cindy Wilson Dodd | via Facebook

It’s absolutely relevant. Yeah, people were parked in the private lot, but would she have called the cops before asking them to move if they were all white people? Or would she have asked them to move first and then called the cops if they didn’t move? We can’t possibly know and we have to give her the benefit of doubt, but it’s absolutely relevant to the conversation. If anything is irrelevant in this article it’s the detailed account of why [Kayla] Jones is no longer a council member. That has no bearing on this incident other than painting her as someone with poor judgement. Dani Carvalho | via Facebook

FORA No Mora

And yet there are still dozens of buildings and a couple hundred homes that have yet to be cleared (“Goodbye to the Fort Ord Reuse Authority, California’s last redevelopment agency,” July 2-8.) Glad they’re gone and the communities can take over development Glenn Woodson | via Facebook

What’s in a Name?

William Hartnell was a ne’er-do-well who married into a rich family and rode on daddy’s coattails. This isn’t the best example for community college students, who usually work their way through school (“Hartnell faculty resurrect an idea to give the school a name that carries less baggage,” July 2-8.) As a former community college student and faculty member, I suggest naming the college for Salinas Valley. Janelle LaFond | via Facebook

This behavior needs to stop yesterday. Leave it alone! It is our history. You want to do something today to make positive changes from today on. Take this energy to strive to do better with the present. Renata Payne | via Facebook

So when all the “offensive” names are fixed – the statutes are taken down, and every person apologizes for whatever transgression – will your life be better? Will the goals have been met? Will the poverty go away? The underfunded education? Is all of this going to fix the actual problem? I highly doubt it. Laura Shelby | via Facebook

Change it! Now we know who he was, we should do the right thing. I had no idea what a loser he was. Mike Foster | via Facebook

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