Curtain Call

Monterey is about to turn up!! (“The Golden State Theatre sells for $4.5 million to a Santa Cruz nightclub operator,” July 8-14.) Daniel Gilbert | Aptos

A big thank you to Lori and Eric Lochtefeld. Having seen for years the roster of acts they brought to their Redwood City venue, I was very hopeful for what was to come when they bought the Golden State Theatre. They did not disappoint. Igor Gavric has big shoes to fill. Brian Simmons | Marina

Hopefully we will get shows that cater toward younger people now! Lauren Dwight | Marina

In a Pickle

Thank you for writing a wonderful piece on pickleball (“Will Marina embrace pickleball?” posted July 7). I retired in 2012 with bad knees and a bum shoulder. I couldn’t play softball anymore so I relegated myself to walking the trail quietly listening to music or audiobooks. Then I found pickleball. The switch flipped on for me again! I realized that I was lacking team play, the camaraderie, the laughter, the good-natured razzing, the interaction with people I didn’t know or weren’t like me. The youngest player that I’ve ever played with was 8 and the oldest was 94! I take my paddle with me everywhere now, even to Europe on vacation. I played at Via Paraiso for a couple years until Covid hit. I really hope Marina makes the right choice because if they build it, we will come and spend money and add more to their community than they know. Denna Patton | Placerville

Note: Marina City Council voted 3-2 to approve the pickleball court plan.

Thanks for nice editorial re parks being for everyone, including pickleballers and everyone else. It’s very helpful to remind people that parks are community resources, not neighbors’ backyards. Ann Notthoff | Carmel Valley

Great article! When I lived in Santa Cruz, I started learning pickleball with the club that is very active there. Now that I live in Salinas, I haven’t played pickleball but would like to. I looked for a court but didn’t find one, as you said.

I’m a member of Active Seniors Inc., a club for seniors, located near my home in Salinas. They have several activities to keep seniors healthy and active. If there were a pickleball court in or near Salinas, I think Active Seniors would be happy to add pickleball to their supported activities. Thanks for bringing pickleball to the attention of a wider audience. Stanley Sokolow | Salinas

Your enthusiasm expressed in your article on the Marina project made a convert of me. Should someone propose similar courts here in P.G., I will voice my strong support. Christina Lund | Pacific Grove

Turn Down the Volume

Great article that speaks to so much of what is failing our communities – the fact the police department says they are so overwhelmed with other crimes this becomes a low priority (North County residents feel under siege by loud weekend parties. Why aren’t Monterey County officials stopping them? July 7-14).

Thinking about this article, I Googled the word torture. The first article: “Torture Methods With Sound: How Pure Noise Can Be Used To Break You Psychologically.” As counterintuitive as it might seem, we used music to torture prisoners at Guantánamo Bay because it’s effective and can break people.

I sympathize with those suffering from this and hope legislators legislate and executives execute on this. Brian McCarthy | Marina

What really pisses me off is the Sheriff’s Department spokesman stating that they use an “education over enforcement” strategy. It’s obviously not working so do your f***ing jobs and enforce the law! James Schultze | Monterey

Here in Seaside we know just how they feel in North Monterey County. Several nights a week the music and yelling on loudspeaker is so outrageous we can’t sleep and now the illegal fireworks go off day and night about four nights a week.

We used to leave town on the Fourth and New Year’s to spare our dog, now there is no escape. Has anyone considered suing their neighbors for interfering with their “quiet enjoyment” of their home? The law provides for it. Rhonda Somerton | Seaside

Double Standard

Stop protecting abusers! (“Carmel PD hires outside help after officers whiff a high-profile arrest,” July 8-14). Male or female, rich or poor, white or purple, connected or not. The next they will be investigating at that household is a freaking murder. Jessi May Turner | via social media

This isn’t new. Our society has always held a double standard for the wealthy and connected versus everyone else. Our justice system is very feudal in that regard. Joseph W. Borawski | via social media

Water Woes

Your article misses the urgency of saltwater intrusion and declining groundwater levels in the Salinas Valley 180/400 foot aquifer subbasin; the lack of a realistic and funded plan to deal with the problem; and the statistical near-certainty that with climate change the problem will worsen (“A crucial water source for agriculture has been overdrafted for decades. A new plan aims to fix that,” July 1-7).

A more accurate headline would have been “A crucial drinking and agricultural water source has been overdrafted for decades. There is no plan to fix that. And it’s going to get worse.” Michael DeLapa | Carmel

Note: DeLapa is executive director of LandWatch Monterey County.


A story about community choice aggregation energy providers (“A small city decided to opt out of 3CE, making its own renewable energy agency,” June 24-30) misstated the number of CCAs statewide. There are now over 20 CCAs in California (23, to be exact), not over 200.

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