Testing, Testing

In the face of a highly infectious and novel disease such as Covid, if you don’t have a robust testing regime with quick results you effectively have no testing regime (“Faced with long delays and long wait times, California revamps Covid-19 testing policies,” July 16-22). This is a sad reality; America used to lead in science and medicine. How about we make that great again? Larry Imwalle | Salinas

I read with interest your experience getting a Covid test with Optum (“Monterey County NOW,” sent July 9). You mention that the swab “barely registered as unpleasant, and lasted for just an instant.” Most swabs need to be placed well into the nasopharynx, way back where the innards of the nose meet the high back of the throat. They then need to rest there for a good five seconds, preferably rotated back and forth to pick up more viral material. If yours was only placed for “an instant,” the test may not have been properly performed. This could lead to a “false negative” result. We are trying to put into widespread use a test which has an estimated 70-percent pickup rate, yet nationally cannot even perform enough of those to keep up.

Unbelievably, we are still battling over masks. (Not wearing one appears to have rapidly gained the political equivalency of wearing a MAGA hat.) We have no national leadership on this pandemic.

Remember Wuhan? The origin of all this? They only had 83,000 cases, total. We now have nearly that number nationally, on a daily basis. Michael Moore and Irwin Redlener have called this “a Wuhan a day.” David Dansky | Monterey

Editor’s note: Dansky is an emergency doctor at CHOMP.

Off Track

This cover story (“A fast-tracked process for the multi-million-dollar contract to manage county-owned Laguna Seca – won by former hotelier John Narigi – has raised eyebrows,” July 16-22) is another attempt to skew rumors into unproven facts against not only Mr. Narigi personally and professionally, but also against the valuable contributions of the Laguna Seca Recreation Area to Monterey businesses and the community at large. We are longtime SCRAMP employees who resigned in 2019 but returned when A&D Narigi Consulting assumed management control Jan. 1, 2020.

Since January, projects are occurring at rapid pace: repairs to pit lane and entry; electronic flagging; new water well; refurbishing buildings; paving the Turn 4 vista; landscaping; and upgrading restrooms and showers.

The proposal process and records access were fair and open to all prospective companies. SCRAMP stalled for three years and feigned shock that proposals were due in October. A&D stood on its business turnaround acumen, which is why it was selected to improve this facility for the betterment of our local economy.

With all the negativity in the world, there’s no need for baseless and spiteful sensationalism. Barry Toepke and Jeanie Sumners

Beach Bummer

Why can’t people follow rules? Is it because they are above the law? It isn’t that difficult (“Silicon Valley engineer, Carmel artist charged with unauthorized entry for refusing police orders to leave beach,” posted July 9). Karen Ladner Gunby | via Facebook

They shouldn’t have been charged with anything. Don’t the police have any real crimes to solve? Maybe rangers should try apprehending people leaving behind trash instead. Christy Alanne | via Facebook

My authorization to be on that beach comes from the Creator. Theresa Buccola | via Facebook

Editor’s note: Buccola is the artist who was charged.

Well my deity tells me I can drop by your house, grab a drink out of your refrigerator, watch some TV on your couch, use a little TP, belch and fart, and you can’t do anything about that. It’s between me and my deity. Chad Sutter | via Facebook

Romans 13:1-2 says: “Obey the government, for God is the One who has put it there. There is no government anywhere that God has not placed in power. So those who refuse to obey the law of the land are refusing to obey God, and punishment will follow.” Erin Davison | via Facebook

Taxing Times

Another nail in the coffin for hospitality (“Monterey City Council considering raising hotel tax to make up for revenue lost due to Covid-19,” July 16-22). Jeff Walker | via Facebook

How about lower it to increase tourism so families can afford to come to the Peninsula. Increase bookings and have more income. This “increase, increase” attitude to make it up is the wrong way to go. We need people working so they can contribute to the local economy. Chris Whitney | via Facebook

Have you seen the amount of people who are visiting the city even during an epidemic?? We are a destination no matter what the climate. Raising the tax so that we are at least comparable to Napa Valley is completely reasonable. Sarah Murphy | via Facebook

They’ll come no matter what. We need to support the city too! Margaret Carey Lang | via Facebook

Halting Hate

I was happy to read this article as sometimes, it seems haters have taken over the internet as their own private domain for spreading misinformation and extremist ideological views (“Violent extremism is blossoming online, but MIIS researchers are working to counter the threat,” July 16-22). Right on, MIIS. Derek Dean | via web

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