Rooting out Racism

A solid apology and retrospection (“PGHS student president resigns after mounting pressure to remove him over racist displays,” posted Aug. 19). How much of this is just posturing is tough to say, his actions will have to speak for themselves from here on out. Resigning was the correct action.

He’s a young man, young men can be quite dumb. The administration, however, should have known better and reacted appropriately. They were soft and sent the message of condoning racism. Regardless of what the administrators say for PR, their actions need to reflect their platitudes.

I hope the brave young people who spoke up and brought this to everyone’s attention don’t face retribution from staff and peers. Julian E. Torres | Marina

As a graduate of Pacific Grove High School and deliverer of the 1982 commencement speech, I am absolutely appalled. Appalled that the PGHS student body elected a racist. Appalled that the repercussion he has faced is resignation of his student government position.

Young man, the world does not exist in a vacuum of Pacific Grove. Your actions and choice of hateful rhetoric will follow you. And as a Black man, [I can say] your actions are clearly the problem. I hope you evolve in character. Robert Rainer | New York

Monterey County Weekly must be desperate for news if they’re reporting about high school kids “resigning” from the student body. Judy Smith O’Bannon | via social media

Let’s always teach our young to become better humans. I am sure the child will learn a valuable lesson from all this. Henna Mun | via social media

Route Map

Less coverage isn’t good. We can add without taking away (“With an assist from federal funds, Monterey-Salinas Transit is rethinking its bus routes,” Aug. 19-25). Tonia Chantell | Salinas

Not a fan of eliminating the Big Sur route or reducing the Carmel Valley service. Buses shouldn’t just be for big population areas. Edward M. Corrado | via social media

Power Down

Another instance of PG&E failing to bury and maintain power lines, leading to wanting to shut them off because they are now being held accountable (“Preventing wildfires is behind a 35-hour power outage in Carmel Valley, says PG&E,” posted Aug. 17). Joseph W. Borawski | via social media

Hunt is On

Your article on wild pigs in Monterey County left out some important details (“Wild pigs are wreaking havoc in Monterey County. Their presence here is complicated,” Aug. 19-25). I chaired a subcommittee in 2006 that was tasked with trying to determine the exact cause of the E. coli outbreak in spinach. It was determined with 85-percent probability that wild pigs did play a part. However, pigs were only part of the equation. Cows grazing in the nearby pastures played a significant role. The theory was that pigs would root around where the cows had been grazing and in the process of rooting the pigs picked up the E. coli on their hooves and snout and then became carriers of the bacteria. The pigs would then enter into the spinach field and the E. coli bacteria would transfer onto the spinach leaves.

Fifty blacktail deer were depredated and had their colons removed and sent off for testing. Not a single deer tested positive for E. coli in their systems. The high number of deer depredated was disturbing.

Back in 2015, I proposed the idea to County Parks to offer pig hunts at Lake San Antonio for junior hunters. The county was on board with the idea. However, a qualified sponsor would need to take out a special use permit for the hunt, and would need to carry the proper insurance. I approached the California Deer Association. The idea died, but maybe the idea could be revisited. Kevin Kreyenhagen | Carmel Valley

Kreyenhagen is chair of Monterey County’s Fish and Game Advisory Commission.

If the meat cannot be donated it must be buried. I wish this could be approached like the new roadkill laws where you can pick up a fresh deer kill and salvage the meat. Wild pork is great tasting, but not worth a $1,200 guided hunt and $300 for a butcher to process the meat.

Food safety standards that are good enough for donations to food banks and roadkill should apply also to wild hog depredation. Start a waiting line system with text notification. Charge some fees to help offset administrative costs. Paul J. Ingram | Carmel Valley

Past and Present

I followed the actions of Michael Houlemard closely in his time leading FORA and it was not pretty. The board of FORA never cared to oversee Houlemard or his staff and they rubber-stamped everything that was put before them. Now Seaside Mayor Ian Oglesby wants him on salary for Seaside – say it isn’t so! (“Squid Fry: At the Trough,” Aug. 19-25.) Hope the City Council will take another look at this very bad idea. Beverly Bean | Corral de Tierra

Note: City Council voted 3-2 to approve the contract with Houlemard.

War Time

I served in Vietnam with the U.S. Army, Saigon Support Command, in 1971. I saw the tail end of the war; and I saw our troops being drawn down and sent home. I agree with President Biden. Not one more grave, not one more headstone, not one more widow should be in Arlington National Cemetery for Afghanistan. Our long national nightmare is over (“The Afghanistan debacle is not American withdrawal, but the misguided, unwinnable war itself,” Aug. 19-25). Albert H. Maldonado | Monterey

Pro Peace

Jan was a remarkable woman who served the world in so many ways. She will be greatly missed (“Human rights advocate and beloved MIIS professor Jan Knippers Black dies at 81,” posted Aug. 19). Joan Jeffers McCleary | via social media

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