The World Is On Fire

So many fires in California and many families being displaced from the fires. I hope everyone gets out when ordered to evacuate in order to save lives (“The fast-moving Carmel Fire roars quickly to 1,000 acres, prompting evacuation orders in Cachagua,” posted Aug. 20-26). Mary Lombardo | Fresno

We respect and thank safety personnel who put their lives in jeopardy and our hearts go out to those who have lost homes and property (“Evacuations underway for Pine Canyon, as fast-moving River Fire rolls toward River Road,” posted Aug. 16). Mother Nature and climate change will require us to think differently on how to battle these horrible fires. We need a different attack plan. We have technology companies that can provide notice to an agency from satellite images of forest hotspots/smoke every 10 minutes of all of California’s forest areas. We also have the ability to implement drone technology that can provide a rapid response.

The River Fire was small, several acres early Sunday, but the terrain was challenging. A less expensive and quicker method would be having remote fixed winged air support and drones available nearby to suppress the fire when small and manageable, even in unreachable terrain. Regional airports throughout California could be ready to put out the small fires, instead of waiting for the large air support that is a day or two away. Steve Kennedy | Salinas

Regional airports throughout California could be ready to put out the small fires, instead of waiting for the large air support…

Dear editors, my deepest gratitude goes to you ALL for the amazing job you have been doing throughout this crazy time. I am deeply appreciative of your daily news from the beginning of the pandemic to today’s second fire edition (“Monterey County NOW,” sent Aug. 21).

Please know you have made a huge positive difference to me from March 18 on. Please be encouraged and keep on keeping us all informed and keeping our chins up! Sheila Dietz | Pacific Grove

Weather Report

Why not report good news, Monterey County Weekly (“Officials warn Monterey County residents to be prepared ahead of tonight’s extreme weather,” posted Aug. 23). Sergio Vasquez Diaz | via social media

If it bleeds it leads. Steven Olsen | vis social media

What a stupid thing to say. They are trying to keep you apprised of a dangerous situation that will no doubt reach us by tomorrow. If you don’t want to be informed, don’t read, watch cartoons instead. Arno Featherstone | via social media

It’s weather. They are letting you know to be prepared. It’s neither good or bad news. It’s just news. Kelly Shaddox | via social media

Mass Evacuations

What a sad story to have to write/publish (“What to do and where to go if you have to evacuate a fire zone” and “Nearly 20,000 people in Monterey County are under evacuation orders, which expand to Carmel Valley Village,” posted Aug. 22). Jay Donato | Salinas

This is an opportune time to show your love for Monterey County and its residents.

Dear second and third homeowners in Monterey County,

This is an opportune time to show your love for Monterey County and its residents. While your home lies empty, there are people who are evacuating and need temporary homes and people whose homes have been destroyed by the fires, who would be so grateful for a place to live.

The natural beauty you love will take time to heal. The best way for this to happen would be for you to show your love for this community – safely – from a distance. Our community is in crisis and you can help! It’s the time to invest in affordable housing and accelerate the opening of shelters (like Casa de Noche Buena) for those who were already homeless, prior to the fires and Covid.

For all of us, it’s the time to take care of our neighbors, all people in need. We will be a glorious phoenix that will rise from the ashes together. Marie Butcher | Carmel Valley

Tourist Traps

FINALLY, common sense comes to town (“Monterey and Pacific Grove act to restrict visitor access at Fisherman’s Wharf and Lovers Point,” posted Aug. 20). All I ever saw was people coming to visit without masks. Peggy Parker Smith | Marina

You’d think that since everything IS ON FIRE that they would stay away. Julie Buceti Ragland | via social media

How about just make this a rule every day?

How about just make this a rule every day? (“Monterey Bay communities coordinate joint beach closures for Labor Day weekend,” posted Aug. 20.) It’s not like the virus knows when it’s a holiday weekend. I’ve seen plenty of overly large crowds at Lovers Point on an average Tuesday. Johnny Pomatto | via social media

Please enforce. Pacific Grove banned beach access and then did not seem to be citing anyone. Jenny Skeen | via social media

Size Small

I imagine most people know someone whose small business is struggling because of the pandemic (“Not all businesses will survive the pandemic, despite an influx of financial support,” Aug. 13-19). I have a good friend who owns a local clothing store, and her situation is dire. This was a successful boutique for several years, and now there are days when not one customer enters the store.

…please consider purchasing at least one item from a local store.

If you can, please consider purchasing at least one item from a local store. You may not need anything now, but local retailers need you (Christmas, birthday, graduation gifts?). I realize these are not “essential” businesses, but they provide jobs, tax revenue and add charm. If everyone does this, maybe some of these great little locally owned businesses will still be around in 2021! Cinda Rossi | Monterey


A story (“A beloved local chef faces foreclosure despite a years-old reverse mortgage on her home,” Aug. 20-16) misspelled the last name of the late Robert Bussinger. It is Bussinger, not Bissinger, as appeared in print.

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