The Monthly Due

It’s no one’s job to take care of anyone else (“Monterey launches $800,000 emergency assistance for renters who live and work in the city,” Aug. 20-26). If they want to that’s great but this entitlement shit is ugly. No one owes anyone any of their damn money. They can give it if they want but damn well it’s NOT their obligation. I am poor, I rent, I live in Seaside, so there. No one owes me shit. I can make my own destiny and I’m grateful for any amount given to me but it surely isn’t expected. Some people believe others are entitled to other people’s pockets. That is ridiculous. Ashley Hernandez | via social media

The County and the Covid

Give them proper wages if they are here on working visas, provide adequate housing and medical care as part of their benefits – but, it should not be a free-for-all (“Did the pandemic cause the County Administrative Office to become woke?” Aug. 20-26). Those who are willing to charitably fund welfare programs for them, do so; but please stop asking taxpayers that are barely making it to fund more “benefits.” Understand your socialist ideology of “free for all,” but somebody has to eventually foot the bill. Jossy Bare | via social media

The majority of the county is opening up. The only businesses that will probably be slow to rehire are events and planning, catering, group sales, business/organization conventions and the Aquarium. Schools are back in session with distance learning. Most restaurants are open, hotels are open to 50 percent! Tourists are already here spending their asses off, especially on the weekends! I personally think we in Monterey County will see an uptick in Covid-19 cases because of the fires; people went to evacuation centers or other people’s, or family members’ homes. We really should wait and see that effect. Also, it’s almost September and many ag workers will be getting ready to leave the area for Yuma by October. Anne Marie Olsen | via social media

Fire lines

I’ve lived, worked and raised children in Monterey County for over 50 years. I have been watching the build-up of ridgeline construction in all that time (“2020 Wildfires in Monterey County,” Aug. 16-ongoing). What happened to Monterey County’s General Plan that curtailed ridgeline development? Did the cities and towns that annexed former Fort Ord land overrule careful planning? Were we, the public, asleep at the wheel? When the smoke clears, drive up San Benancio, River Road, Carmel Valley Road, Corral de Tierra and Highway 1 and 101 corridors. Look at the hills from those roads. Look at the houses lining those hills. Carol Ryan | Salinas

I really hope these homeowners did their due diligence and maintained their defensible perimeter. It is deeply unfair to the firefighters and the larger community if they did not. Devon Talavera | via social media

Poor people in Big Sur every year. Rama Khalsa | via social media

We’re going to keep losing wilderness (“Toro Park closed indefinitely due to fire damage,” posted Aug. 28). What will be left? Maybelle Monterey | via social media

Bus Stop and Go

Knowing MST they’ll add extra turns and make the trip slower (“MST takes steps toward a designated bus lane along Highway 1,” Aug. 20-26.) Kevin Stoll | via social media

The Dolan Blaze

I’m sure these drug cartels are behind a lot of crime in Big Sur and no doubt whoever killed the horse at Pfeiffer has some interest in it too (“A suspected arsonist in the Dolan Fire raises questions about illegal cartel operations in Big Sur,” Aug. 27-Sept. 2). This is U.S. Forest Service’s jurisdiction. They don’t seem to be doing anything helpful in those forests, particularly getting rid of the illegal grows there. Any hiker can find them, why not law enforcement? Jane Benight | via social media

Hotel Sweet

While thousands sit evacuated their hotel sits closed. Why? (“Portola Hotel files suit against Monterey asking a court to overturn a tax payment penalty,” posted Aug. 27.) Where’s the story about that? Also, let’s focus on the part where it says “Ninety percent of hotels did pay their TOT by March 31, according to the report.” The Portola Hotel general manager and ownership need a wake up call. You no longer “run” the city. [Former City Manager] Mike McCarthy is gone. A new city manager and some new council members. So now you sue when you don’t get your way. CJ Howard | via social media

The Tax Assessor sent me a nice note in March reminding me there was no grace period on my property taxes due to the pandemic. No work, no money but don’t even think about paying taxes late. Scott Cunningham | via social media

Didn’t the hotel get a grant or loan from the stimulus program? Don’t whine to us peasants who got a mere $1,200. Su La | via social media

Loving Big Sur to Death

We need to do a better job of teaching people outdoor ethics and the principles of Leave No Trace (“Big Sur land and economy are crushed by visitors; Deetjen’s is an early casualty,” Aug. 20-26). Leesa Gee | via social media

So sad. Lots of memories. A magical place. Upsetting. Dorothy Murphy-Henricksen | via social media


If people were more responsible and thought globally instead of being so focused on themselves, this would be less of an issue. It’s not about forcing businesses or agencies to solve the problem tourists created. It’s about being better human beings. Ryan Colley | via social media

I think we need to better staff these areas where we see abuse. Tourism dollars can be harnessed for good. Use the tourism dollars to fund more state staff. They don’t have to be cops. John Forsht | via social media

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