Padre Problems

You stated the issue clearly and I hope inspired some people to think about this problem and others to get off the dime and make some long-overdue changes (“A year later, what happened to the effort to change Carmel High’s mascot?” Sept. 30-Oct. 6). I was a teacher and counselor at CHS from 1972-2006 and there were various attempts to change the mascot. Some decades ago the Padre logo was an austere balding man who was wearing a traditional robe. At some point, the old CHS Padre became a cartoon character who looked cheery and not so stern, more palatable for kids.

I also had two daughters who tried to embrace the Padre, but failed. It became another thing girls just had to put up with. My girls instead were “Madres.” Being a “mother” so early in their lives? Not something anyone in our family sanctified.

It is crystal clear what the outcome should be, but having spent decades at Carmel High I’m aware of the influential power structure that is firmly in place in the community. I get fired up reading an article like yours and just maybe, now is the perfect time for change. Marikay LeValley | Carmel Valley

As to the crucifixion and excommunication of the misrepresented jovial Carmel High Friar mascot of 80-plus years as Saint Junipero Serra is once again proof that nothing is sacred to our neo-Marxist progressives and their Maoist “Year Zero” beliefs. The revisionist history and the demands of three former students and one benighted editor is mendacious, false and wrong. To judge the past by the standards of today is disingenuous.

The missions offered improvements in life and health, albeit through service to the Crown and Cross just as the Spanish settlers were obligated as well. Our lives today are enriched by our history. David Fairhurst | Carmel Valley

As a CHS graduate in 1979 and a female athlete who went to UC Berkeley on a basketball scholarship, I want to thank you for your writing in support of retiring the Carmel Padre. Long, long overdue. My gosh, the lame things we cling to for less than no reason.

Love that you included Bertrand Russell’s ideas on education – the importance of fostering comfort with uncertainty and the importance of scrupulous truth-telling. Tracy Hydorn | Carmel

I am a CHS graduate and agree strongly with everything you said. I signed the petition and forwarded it to seven graduates. Keep up the great work! Jack Holmgren | Oakland

Tree Top

Taking the phrase tree hugger to another level (“Pacific Grove woman scales 100-year-old elm tree in Jewell Park to save it from the axe,” posted Sept. 30). Josh Estassi | via social media

The same city removing this tree has repeatedly denied its own residents tree removal permits for legitimately hazardous specimens on their own lots. They won’t let homeowners protect themselves and yet cite protection as the reason for removal of this tree? Something’s not right here. Tina Walsh | via social media

There are literally no elm trees left in large portions of the U.S. We should be doing everything possible to save every last one. Joseph W. Borawski | via social media

Dining Out

The” quaint Carmel charm” and the “village character” left the building as the latest homes and businesses to be built resemble Dana Point (“Carmel extends parklets month-to-month, and begrudgingly. What’s next?” Sept. 23-29). No more Murphy House copycats with their faux thatched roofs. No flower trellis of roses replaced by (mostly) part-time owners with steel and glass.

Please, Councilmember Jeff Baron, when were you last in Times Square? Perhaps a walk around the Odeon in Paris would enlighten you. The “charm” of Carmel is, in my opinion, not a deterrent to the “quaintness.” And, in another six weeks the weather will be prohibitive. Elaine Giampietro | Monterey

Mask Up

I’m disappointed in my county supervisor, Mary Adams, who put politics over the advice of our county health officer. The board should stay out of issues they know nothing about (“Three members of the Board of Supervisors approve a mask mandate if Covid risk is high,” posted Sept. 14). Jim Bennett | Monterey

Friday Night Lights

What I don’t understand is why high school sports field lights have to be 70-80 feet high, which understandably upsets some neighbors (“A stadium lights proposal at Carmel High kicks off complaints from neighbors,” Sept. 30-Oct. 6). Can’t the lights be 30-40 feet? When I don’t understand something, I’ve learned it’s because data is missing. Often that involves lack of transparency.

We all care about students and want the best for them and agree that athletics are important, but something is missing here. We’re missing the middle ground, it seems to me, where we might reach consensus, and I wonder why? Jean Rasch | Monterey

Stage Time

That was a great show (“Country icon Marty Stuart is bringing his Fabulous Superlatives to town,” Sept. 30-Oct. 6). First live performance at Sunset in 18 months. He definitely wants to come back. Paul J. Ingram | Carmel Valley

Love this theater! We’ve missed going here (“PacRep’s Julius Caesar takes the stage, with a mission to inform as well as entertain,” Sept. 30-Oct. 6). Tiffiny Cole Nagel | via social media


A story (“The eviction moratorium finally comes to an end but renters can still seek protection,” Sept. 30-Oct. 6) incorrectly stated that landlords must accept 80 percent of what is owed in back rent by tenants. That was true initially during the moratorium, but the California Legislature passed additional legislation that returns 100 percent of back rent to landlords.

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