A Photo worth 1,000 words

That is clearly a gesture. You don’t hold your pen that way. This guy needs to go (“A CSUMB Police post on Instagram raises questions about an officer’s hand gesture,” Sept. 9-15). Patrick Kenedy | Monterey

That is the most unnatural, dumbest pose for a signing I have ever seen. The entire photo should have been nixed and another “normal” document signing shot chosen. The pose, the facial expression is really not flattering no matter what the intent. Carolyn Davi | Carmel

They are either stupid or racist or both. Joyce Ortega | via social media

OMG people. If you actually think this is a “white power” hand gesture, you are horribly mistaken. Y’all are way overthinking a photo of a police officer doing their job. We have entirely way too many Social Justice Keyboard Warriors on these platforms. It is very sad that this officer is potentially being stereotyped over an Instagram picture. John W. McCormick | via social media

In this day and age why post questionable anything? Phil Castillo | Seaside

Horsing Around

Thank you for your recent reports on this important and emotional issue (“Marina City Council chooses a new operator for the Marina Equestrian Center,” posted Sept. 12). It is both refreshing and encouraging to read coverage that is balanced and objective. Steve Barnett | Marina

The property was deeded to Marina under the Federal Lands to Parks Program that requires public benefit use. Of the three proposals, only one fits that bill (“Marina City Council nears a decision on the future of the Marina Equestrian Center,” posted Sept. 8). If we continue to ignore the requirements of the federal land transfer, we risk losing the property altogether and for what, the benefit of a small group of horse owners who want to board cheaply? This is supposed to be a public benefit conveyance that has no private use and the long-term boarding that has taken place for many years is in violation of the deed.

The potential of this property has been squandered for decades and we now have the opportunity to hold onto the property and make it 100 percent for the public use and thereby comply with the terms of this gift of public federal lands. Paula Pelot | Marina

Chemical compound

Ag Commissioner Henry Gonzales’ remark that “after-the-fact” data is enough transparency is dangerous and insulting to people who would like to protect themselves and their children before application of a dangerous pesticide (“How far should pesticide transparency go?” Sept. 9-15). Ooooops – sorry your water, skin and lungs are full of toxins. We’ll try harder next time?

That’s not how this is supposed to work.

Protect. Inform. Phase out the toxins: 15 years ago. Carole Lindner | Aptos

ALL chemicals, be they pesticides, fertilizers, or any designation that are spread out over the ground should be revealed – before they happen.

What’s more, unless it’s organic, non-toxic farming, it shouldn’t be done right next to schools, apartment complexes and neighborhoods. John Thomas | Salinas

To Mask or Not to Mask?

Let the County Health Officer make these types of regulations (“After an urgency ordinance fails, a possible county mask mandate is back on Board of Supervisors agenda,” posted Sept. 13). County supervisors with no medical background shouldn’t be focusing on mandates like this. The ones pushing for it must be close to [the end of] their term. CJ Howard | via social media

Meaningless optics. Where were the supes when we needed testing 18 months ago? Lou Panetta | via social media

Mother Approved

I have to admit I got a little teary-eyed when I read your “Polish Mother Approved” story (“An exercise in bonding at the Monterey Bay Aquarium,” posted Sept. 7). I’m Danish American and I had a very similar experience with my grandmother. I also noticed that you didn’t mention giving up smoked herring ;-)

Thanks for inspiring memories! Henrik Kibak | Marina

Your essay about your mother’s visit is just beautifully written and I wanted to thank you for it. I lost my mom last year and I miss her so much! This made me happy – to read about a happy mom-daughter duo. My mom, Gloria Donnelly Anderson, born 1935, was from New York City originally and felt like she had found paradise too on the Peninsula. And she was a great communicator. She would have encouraged me to write a note to you!

Thanks again for great writing. Janet Anderson | Seaside

Park plan

Great place, but the city needs to act on it! (“Agencies tasked with managing Laguna Grande Park finally get serious,” Sept. 9-15.) Erik Giovanni | Monterey

History Reclaimed

She will certainly be missed (“Gerry Low-Sabado, who spoke up for her Chinese ancestors of the Monterey Peninsula, dies at 71,” posted Sept. 10). Susan Shillinglaw | via social media

From Apples, Make Cider

Delicious! (“Pacific Grove CiderWorks creates a delightful offering of hard ciders and port,” Sept. 2-8.) Doug Mueller | via social media

Love P.G. CiderWorks! Ann Dacus Jordan | via social media


A story about a medical focus at Synchronicity Holistic (“A boutique dispensary in Carmel offers medical expertise,” Sept. 9-15) misstated titles. They are restorative nurse’s assistants, not registered nurses.

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