To Market

I LOOOOOVE this place and I am so sad to see it closed for months, but look forward to the re-opening (“Mi Tierra, a beloved Seaside institution, is closed until next spring for an extensive remodel,” Sept. 15-21). Frank William Foehrenbach | Monterey

I’ll miss the charm of its current exterior, but the redesign looks great. Best tacos on the Peninsula. I’m sad to have to wait for those amazing tacos al pastor this long, but I’m happy for the business’ success. Eric Palmer Sr. | Monterey

This looks very gentrified, I hope this is what the owners designed and are not feeling forced to conform out of our beautiful culture to meet the exterior beautification of others’ expectations! Veronica “Ronnie” Miramontes | Seaside

Looks great! I was hopeful they would update the outside too. The outdoor patio is a great idea. LisAnne Sawhney | Seaside

The outside redesign looks awesome and more importantly, inviting. I just may have to check it out when it reopens in 2023. Chris Sierra | Monterey

Water Works

Growers need to self-fund the massive improvements they want (“Urgent county water projects receive minimal acknowledgment from Sacramento’s wallet,” Sept 8-14). Most of them hate taxes, yet they love when our taxes go to them. Maureen Wruck | Salinas

Sideways Sidewalk

Nine uplifts, haha (“A dispute over sidewalk damage puts Seaside and some of its residents at odds,” Sept. 15-21). Visit South Salinas. We like to think of ours as our rec trail, lots of stair-stepping and way more than nine steps. Chuck Hague | Salinas

Welding Women

This article is a poor representation of Tiffany Orff and the successful welding empire she is building (“With her Welding Women Syndicate, Tiffany Orff hopes to bring diversity to the shop,” Sept. 15-21). Every single mention of her “moving on to yet another man” reads as a slap in the face to women everywhere who are creating a name for themselves in male-dominated industries.

When you write about men, do you mention all the women they are with? This tarnishes names of strong women. Do better please, thank you. Jasmine Orff | Huntington Beach

Divine Intervention

I could not agree with you more (“Where religion and climate justice meet,” posted Sept. 8). I have St. Francis in my yard as well and, yes, stewards and caregivers of paradise is what was intended.

We got it all wrong and unfortunately, it played into the worst characteristics of mankind—exploitation, greed and abuse. We absolutely need to turn this perception around or perish.

Thanks for covering this fundamental shift in thinking that will save our world, and thank you to Pastor Mark Peake and [First Presbyterian Church of Monterey] members for moving to actualize this spiritual realization. Susan Schiavone | Seaside

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Sneak Peak

Seaside is rad (“A group of young men turn a side gig into a dashing shoe and apparel store in Seaside,” Sept. 8-14). Mike Nevares | via social media

Wonderful story! Manuello Paganelli | via social media

Love this. Heather Serrano | via social media

Signs of the Times

I disagree that the road signs along Highway 1 advising there is no overnight camping are illegal (“Squid Fry,” Sept. 15-21). Caltrans created and posted those signs and has the authority to do so. Anyway, the signs are important as people don’t realize it’s not allowed and the sheriff will not enforce the law without the signage. It matters. It’s a public health problem—no facilities, fire danger, nuisance, related trespassing etc.

They are road signs, having to do with traveling along a state highway, and there is an exception for drivers needing to rest for a number of hours. In any case, F the Coastal Commission! Susan Layne | Carmel

Water Ways

Great article (“Two opportunities to get involved in protecting our coastline and waterways,” posted Sept. 16).

Two other organizations your readership might enjoy participating with are: Return of the Natives (, which plants native species throughout coastal Monterey County, and Carmel River Steelhead Association (, which relocates steelhead fry from pools in the river that are going dry, into the Carmel Lagoon. Both give me the same feeling you had—one feels rejuvenated after helping restore Monterey County and preserving species. Walter Wagner | via web

Kings and Queens

I am appalled by this week’s cartoon (“A Time for Mourning,” Sept. 15-21). In it, [cartoonist] Rob Rogers appears to be combining two subjects: the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II after a 70-year reign, and his definition of the legacy of the British Empire as a pile of human skulls and bones.

I am troubled that he would use Queen Elizabeth’s death as a vehicle to carry his tasteless visual. I wish Rogers had found another avenue for this travesty. Douglas Bargenquast | Pebble Beach

I generally enjoy the Weekly. However, the cartoon about the passing of Queen Elizabeth was totally uncalled for. Yes, the British did terrible things. This was not the time you had to remind us of that. It was a cheap shot. Thomas Payne | Long Beach

Game Time

Thanks for this important local sports coverage (“Back to back wins put Monterey Bay F.C. firmly in the hunt for a playoff spot,” posted Sept. 8). George Lentz | Seaside

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