Bucking Tradition

Not sure why you are endorsing the rodeo in your publication (“The Rodeo is back – bringing excitement and action to Salinas all weekend,” posted Sept. 23). Rodeos are spectacles of dominance. Shame on you. Annalisa Rava | via email

Yes, bringing back excitement and inexcusable and unnecessary animal cruelty. Boo! Bob Gotch | Carmel

Going Postal

Thanks for the memory! I loved going to the post office as a kid (“A newcomer’s adventures in Carmel,” posted Sept. 21). I grew up in Carmel (1964-79) and one of my “allowance jobs” was to get the mail, ha! I can still remember the distinct smell of old polished wood and metal. I even remember the box number and combo! It was also a bit of a social experience as you never knew who you would run into. Once hustling around the corner from the box, I bumped into a large and tall man who, as it turned out, was our future Mayor Clint Eastwood. David Cunningham | Culver City

Campus Town Time

Since it was supposed to begin in October 2018 (“Potential pitfalls remain for Seaside’s Campus Town project, but it could still break ground next year,” Sept. 23-29), after numerous public meetings and studies, I welcome this. If you are against this, then I would say your ship has sailed and that you had your chance to object. This isn’t the horse park; this is an integrated, mixed use development with a relatively small footprint on already-built-up land that has already been approved for its water usage. Colin Gremillion | via social media

Really not looking forward to it because it will only drive rent up on Fort Ord and we see so much wildlife every day moving around the buildings, including deer and coyotes. I know they need to come down at some point, but not looking forward to years of mega building across the street. Krista Carey | via social media

Our CSUMB students and homeless community are in desperate need of housing. As much as I love flora, fauna and wildlife, I give humans more priority over animals. Phrses de Kiyotzi | via social media

Desal Details

When Supervisor Phillips says, “We’ve talked about trying to work together better” the hypocrisy is hard to swallow! (“Private desal question highlights geographic divisions over water among county lawmakers,” Sept. 23-29) Phillips is the last one who should be castigating others for not working together toward a water solution. He was almost single handedly responsible for blocking the urgently needed new water supply for the Monterey Peninsula – the expansion of Pure Water Monterey. He led his Salinas Valley/North County coalition on the Monterey One Water board to deny approval of the expansion’s Environmental Impact Report for over two years. Finally this week the expansion has been approved and a new water supply is on the way. Melodie Chrislock | Carmel

Market competition is great where there is a free and open market. But when it comes to major utility infrastructure we rarely see competition; rather we see favored corporate monopolies. Are we prepared to allow open access to the coast to any company that wants to build a desal plant? No. That would be an environmental disaster. So there won’t be competition and therein lies the problem with private ownership of essential infrastructure. Alan Haffa | via social media

I was surprised to hear Supervisor Phillips mention the concern that farmers who are already over-drawing their wells and causing seawater intrusion in the first place cannot, under current law, remove salts from their contaminated well heads (which they caused to be contaminated), thereby further exacerbating the intrusion problem!

When will the madness stop? This isn’t about desal as much as it is about responsible environmental stewardship and responsible water use. Marina Brian | via social media

Jail Outbreak

Monterey County Jail staff claim that “jail officials are doing everything they can” to limit the recent Covid-19 outbreak (“More Monterey County Jail inmates infected and hospitalized with Covid-19,” posted Sept. 23). How can that be, when Sheriff Steve Bernal won’t enforce Monterey County’s mandatory employee vaccination policy among his staff? Unvaccinated people are far more likely to get Covid. If Sheriff’s deputies and staff move in and out of the jail – unvaccinated – they pose a grave threat to not only the jail population, but to their neighbors, to their families at home and to the public at large. The Sheriff is charged with protection of the public. When it comes to Covid, Sheriff Bernal has opted out of his duty. Marina Blum | Berkeley

Grand Plans

This year we have seen floods, wildfires and hurricanes that are unlike any natural disasters we have seen in the past. Scientists have been saying it for years: human-made climate change is real and it’s here.

Time has run out to wait and see what happens. We need to take drastic and definitive steps. Steps like those outlined in President Biden’s Build Back Better Plan.

The Build Back Better Plan includes investment in the climate and the United States as a whole. Biden’s plan could be the first major step to set the United States on the path to 100-percent clean energy by 2035 – the “point of no return” according to scientists and climate specialists.

These unprecedented events prove that our world is rapidly changing, and we need to change with it. We need to connect these extreme natural disasters to human-made climate change, and tell our members of Congress that we support the Build Back Better Plan to give ourselves and future generations a fighting chance. Zoe Edington | Monterey

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Eric Mills

Speaking of rodeo, there's a recent prize-winning documentary short now available, 'BUCKING TRADITION" - www.buckingtradition.com Also available on YouTube.

Be aware that EVERY animal welfare organization in North America condemns rodeo due to its inherent cruelty. The United Kingdom outlawed rodeos back in 1934. Can the U.S. be far behind. Legislation is in order: local, county, state, federal.

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