Truth or Lie

It is truly a disservice to blatantly lie to and manipulate voters (“Squid Fry: McShaniac Rising,” Oct. 22-28). Yet it happens all of the time, even in our bubble. I guess I should not be so shocked, but these claims are stunning and really discredit the local leaders, advocates and nonprofits who have been dedicated to doing this work for years. What a slap in the face. Jenny McAdams | Pacific Grove

Why is there so much money behind Steve McShane for supervisor? It’s because big money interests have experienced cracks in their control over county issues. Big Oil lost the anti-fracking Measure Z vote four years ago. Big Water (Cal Am) lost the public ownership Measure J vote two years ago. The people won two classic battles against corporate money. Now Big Money wants guaranteed control of Monterey County. They’re tired of losing to the people. They want McShane elected to give them that control.

But the people still have the votes. Use your vote wisely. Vote for Wendy Root Askew for District 4 supervisor. The reasons are obvious – integrity, balance and character. She will represent the people, not big corporate money. George Riley | Monterey

Covid-19 continues to wreck our economy and Steve McShane is the right candidate for county supervisor to help get us back on track. McShane has 15 years of business experience and I was shocked to learn that the County Board of Supervisors does not have anyone from small business. Nima Elyasi | Salinas

We have known Steve McShane for many years. His total dedication to his family and the local community, his tireless efforts to find solutions to serious problems in the city and county, his skills in working with others, his honesty and integrity, all make him the best candidate for county supervisor. You could not find a better person to represent our area. Linda and Steve Blumenthal | Salinas

I will not vote for him, as he has to cheat to try to win. Kat Deering | via social media

Down Ballot

I feel compelled to write in support of Jill Lewis. Not as a school board candidate and not even for her specific views or the delivery of them, but for her immense courage to speak her voice and do so without hiding behind anonymity (“Harassment of a woman candidate for school board in Carmel takes a violent and sexist turn,” Oct. 22-28). It saddens me to learn of the harassment she received from anonymous individuals using what they perceive to be harmless memes and otherwise, to criticize her. You are in good company, Jill. In the words of American statesman Elbert Hubbard, “To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” Nicole Kelly | Carmel

The internet is a toxic spew of angry people trying to terrorize anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with their worldview. I loathe anonymous comments and avoid sites that allow anonymous comments. NextDoor is especially toxic. Fred Dodsworth | via web

Crystal Ball

I have read and written about the lives of creative people, writers, painters, poets, architects. One common thread is that they are original thinkers. They did not fit into their times, the mainstream, the current mode of popular thinking. You, dear Monterey County Weekly, represent popular times. You have become the mainstream of political thought. Nobody on your staff would dare to profess a different political point of view. Even in my horoscope (Libra), your “Free Will” astrologer, Rob Brezsny, told me I had to vote as a Democrat this election (“Free Will Astrology,” Oct. 22-28).

MY horoscope, for crying out loud! Some “Free Will” astrologer he turned out to be! Seems like the gates of group think are closing-in on “free will” journalism. Especially your newspaper. Carol Marquart | Pacific Grove

Doing Justice

For Christ’s sake, give the dime-store novel jargon a rest (“Federal indictment unsealed against members of alleged Norteño “Murder Squad” operating in Salinas,” posted Oct. 22). The media has been picking on Salinas for years and 2020 has been open-season for biased reporting. Once again, Salinas has made national news for the wrong reasons, this time as the putative epicenter for the coronavirus. The fact that Salinas is most definitely not a Covid-19 hotspot escapes most national media members because they never spend time there. I’m in the area on a daily basis and don’t see a trace of it. Jordan Garrick | Big Sur

Taxes Rolling

Every California child deserves a safe and healthy neighborhood. Budget cuts are already impacting local health services and vital programs. Proposition 15 can help turn that around (“Prop. 15 would mean more revenue for schools and cities, but business leaders warn of a downside,” Oct. 8-14).

By closing corporate tax loopholes, Prop. 15 would reclaim $12 billion every year that would go directly to local community services and neighborhood schools. It would do so by getting a relative handful of California’s biggest companies to finally start paying their fair share of property taxes, while protecting homeowners and giving new tax breaks to small businesses. It would maintain all existing protections for homeowners, other residential property, and it would exempt agriculture. Cesar Lara | Salinas

Lara is director of the Monterey Bay Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO.

Baked Good

Thank you for this article. Young entrepreneurs are our future! (“Veteran baker Samuel Zuniga crafts conchas and more at Guadalajara Bakery,” Oct. 22-28.) Kristina Brown | via web

A River Runs

Incidentally, both rivers flow from south to north (“A 1927 Hollywood map substitutes the Salinas River for the Nile and South County for Africa,” posted Oct. 21). Dan Baranowski | via social media

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