Trail Tales

Thanks for the update on FORTAG and Del Rey Oaks (“FORTAG’s fate hangs in the balance in Del Rey Oaks,” posted Oct. 26). I am an avid cyclist (since the pandemic began) and love riding all over the Peninsula and Carmel Valley. I’m comfortable riding with traffic. However, I avoid riding along Highway 218 because it is straight-up dangerous. The section between Highway 68 and Gen. Jim Moore Boulevard has no bike lane, almost no shoulder, and plants growing into the roadway. And the remaining section to Fremont isn’t much better.

I would love to see FORTAG become a reality as it would greatly increase connectivity with walking and cycling, open up some areas around Seaside and the Salinas River to recreation, and make moving through areas like Highway 218 much safer. It’s frustrating that 700 people in Del Rey Oaks could derail something with such regional benefit. Josh Warburg | Marina

My wife and I just moved from Del Rey Oaks to Colorado because I have a new job. We decided on Parker in part because of the small-town feel similar to Del Rey Oaks. One bonus that we never thought of before living in Del Rey Oaks is that Parker has beautiful bike trails. I can commute 15 miles on the bike trail directly behind our new house to the Denver Tech Center. And it does not have all of the supposed ills that my neighbors described. Who would have thought!

I did consider creating my own yard signs:

“I don’t ride my bike and I don’t want you to either!”

“Fix it after I am gone.”

“You can’t fix climate change before I die.”

“I want to drive to get there.”

I am still shocked that a bike path could cause such consternation. Charlie Deal | Parker, Colo.

I find this story extremely interesting and complex. I’m a voter who reads up about the issues at hand and I vote what is best for my community and country, not just what may benefit my family and myself.

As a resident of DRO, would I want this in my backyard? Yes and no. Yes, it would be great to just walk or ride down the street. No, because I see what it brings along the trails [elsewhere]; people leave doggie bags along the road, if they even bother to pick it up. People leave trash and bottles. If people were more nature-conscious, I think it would be an easy decision for residents of DRO.

As a Monterey County resident, I’d love to see 28 miles of trails. Lots to consider, but it would be a shame to lose out on a grant that would benefit our entire county if one of the smallest cities voted to not go forward. Suzie Cottle-Gavalla | Salinas

Restaurant Revitalization

Will be the hottest restaurant in town (“They are not giving up on the Stokes Adobe, despite ghosts,” posted Oct. 29). Shawn Adams | Monterey

Can’t wait! Jenny Savage | Big Sur

Great news. Phil Irey | Monterey

Truth or Lie

It is a shock to see my name splayed across the headline in the most egregious way. I am not famous, just infamous (“One big accusation made Tara Reade famous. One small lie has big fallout,” Oct. 28-Nov. 3). No one wants to be famous for reporting rape by a powerful person. I never lied about my education under oath. However, I was sexually assaulted in 1993 when I was a young staffer by Joe Biden.

I provided expert witness testimony for the Monterey County DA for several years. When the news broke about Biden sexually assaulting me, I was immediately trolled and threatened with perjury – a tactic used before on whistleblowers. This media outlet, along with others, did negative pieces about me, pulling apart my past. Instead of looking at Joe Biden, I was investigated, harassed by online trolls.

It pains me the way the media attempts to discredit me. It frightens other survivors into silence. Powerful predators like our silence, they count on it.

I had loved this community, but instead of support when I came forward about a very painful sexual assault, I was harassed, trolled and bullied. I have faced evil and I am still standing. The intimidation will not work and I will not be silent. Tara Reade | via email

Politics aside, if she lied under oath she should be charged with perjury.

Also worrisome is that we paid for an expert witness and the DA’s Office did not check her qualifications. I hope the member who selected her is appropriately disciplined. Matt Brysch | Salinas

Pick Your Poison

Thank you for writing about pesticides (“It makes sense that pesticides are harmful to humans. So what do we do?” posted Oct. 30). I have been yelling about the harm they do to the Earth, animals and birds and to humanity for years. It is an uphill battle against companies that value their profits over the proven harm their chemicals are doing to the ecosystem and humans. Each word against these chemicals counts! Vicki Ferguson | Hollister

It’s your responsibility to research and report the effects on human populations if all pesticides were banned. Just saying. Bob Martin | Reno

Martin is the former general manager of Rio Farms in King City.

History speaks

Really appreciated your article on the reopening of the Stevenson and Larkin houses in downtown Monterey (“Two of Monterey’s most historic buildings have resumed public tours for the first time since 2008,” Oct. 28-Nov. 3). My husband and I just enjoyed a tour of the Larkin House led by Tyler Markley.

It was informative and definitely worthwhile. We plan on visiting the Stevenson House next to learn more about Monterey’s amazing history. Liz Barnett | Marina

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