End of an Era

Bummer! Maybe someday we will see a revival again?! I love the Osio and have seen so many films there. They also had the best popcorn! (“Osio Theater and Cafe Lumiere, two downtown Monterey fixtures, shut their doors permanently,” posted Nov. 2.) Anne Marie Olson | Monterey

Great coffee, food and customer service, and we got to see films that you couldn’t see in the major megaplex theaters. They even screened one of my films, so they supported local artists too. Thank you to all of the staff over the years who gave me so many great experiences. I hope you come back. Eric Palmer | via social media

The closure of the Osio was a long time coming and Covid was a final blow. So sad. Sitting at home and watching art films on Netflix or Amazon or YouTube is not the same. But, unfortunately, it’s the world we live in. Maybe someday, if and when all this is over, movies might be back. Remember, they closed the theaters in London during the plague, but between visitations of that pandemic, the theaters came back stronger than ever. Of course, they had Shakespeare writing the scripts. Fran Vardamis | Carmel

So so sad. Stephanie Caine | via social media

Wake up Monterey County residents! Our Covid-19 numbers are still rising as our neighboring counties are lowering. Our county supervisors have not made this fight with Covid a priority! There still is no plan (with accountability) to reduce the hot spot in Salinas, just the basic marketing and testing. We need better! Chris Carpenter | via social media

Election Daze

Vote, vote, vote. Hoping more voters will vote for change! (“Monterey County NOW,” sent Nov. 2.) Eileen Nelson | via email

I toss [Steve McShane’s] mailers directly in the recycling bin (“The District 4 county supervisor candidates keep fundraising in a high-priced election,” Oct. 29-Nov. 4). Rachel Krost | via social media

After all, McShane has promised to end homelessness AND Covid. James Tarhalla | via social media

Politicians doing what politicians do. Bryan Lustre | via social media

I would hope by now voters would have learned to follow the money. What are his backers expecting in return for those millions?

We need more leaders like Wendy Root Askew who can’t be bought off to betray the community’s interests. Melodie Chrislock | Carmel

Fighting Words

Gangs may control territory through “inciting fear… through violence” but the pulp fiction tone of the reporting in this article does the same! (“Authorities lay out the case against a ‘murder squad’ that hunted humans,” Oct. 29-Nov. 2.) “The Regiment” describes the alleged crimes of six suspects arrested for murder, who are characterized as a “pack” (twice) who engaged in “hunts” (seven times, quoting once) of other human beings.

I’ve lost a beloved family member to gun violence, so I understand the anguish murder causes, but this sensationalistic language is dehumanizing to the perpetrators and victims alike. When people say “hunt,” they mean animals, not people. Claire Bresnahan | Pacific Grove

Shelter Out Of Place

How about providing homeless shelters?! (“Salinas balances a shelter-in-place order for homeless camps with public health,” Oct. 29-Nov. 2.) Shannon McCain Jaffe | via social media

Mayors across the country need to be informed of where their people are. They need to give these homeless people a bus ticket and bring them home to their city of origin. And they need to make them a ward of the city until they get them back on their feet. Zelda London Oghigian | via social media

Chief Change

Dang. He’s a good chief, quite a loss but his impression can live on (“Seaside Police Chief Abdul Pridgen a finalist for the top cop job in Oakland,” posted Nov. 2). Rick DeNoyer | via social media

Good on him. James Ryan | via social media

Pick Your Poison

Recent letters to the editor failed to capture the actions taken by the Monterey County Board of Supervisors about a pilot program that provides notice of pesticide fumigant use near a quarter-mile of 10 North Monterey County schools (“Letters,” Oct. 8-14; “County supervisors reject calls to expand public notification of upcoming pesticide use,” Oct. 1-7). The pilot program was created in 2016, but was proposed to be eliminated in July after the state of California declined to extend over $94,000 in funding for it.

However, I advocated that our Agricultural Commissioner’s Office preserve the program. It is the only such program in the state and entire country. The Board of Supervisors and the Ag Commissioner’s Office ultimately reinstated the program despite the state funding coming to an end, even under a progressive state administration.

Monterey County led by establishing the only such program in the nation and led again by preserving it. Luis Alejo | Salinas

Alejo is a county supervisor representing District 1.

Raise a Glass

Congrats, Alvarado Street Brewery! Good things happen to good people (“Alvarado Street Brewery takes home three prestigious awards from a national beer festival,” Oct. 29 – Nov. 4). Cheryl Robinson | Prunedale

Congrats ASB! And congrats to Wade for his contributions and Luke for his consistent good karma. We will keep supporting you all, thank you! Jake Fathy | via social media

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