Data Points

Nice piece re: masking and conflicting numbers (“Monterey County’s new mask mandate takes effect tomorrow, based on some confusing data,” posted Nov. 4). Glad Monterey County, by using the higher number, will take the more conservative course regarding masking indoors.

If only one life is saved by all of us masking up for a little while longer, it’s a good deed we’ve done. d’Aulan Gentry | Pacific Grove

Great article. To the point, informative without being heavy, personal and personable. You point out those main and day-to-day relatable things that have us all gnashing our teeth, such as trust and conflicting data reports and mandate actions (or inactions) and that was welcome.

More welcome, though, was your common-sense fearless declaration of your own mask-wearing habits and a clearly stated point that we all should be doing at least the same. Chris D. | Sanger, California

Crisis Mode

I feel the need to express my dismay to the complete hypocrisy of the world leaders flying into Scotland in private jets to attend this summit (“When it comes to managing climate change, sharing is key,” posted Nov. 8). We were energy independent for the first time in 70-plus years under the last administration. The Paris Accord is just another way to siphon money from richer nations like us.

There is a huge difference between actual climate and weather. I have yet to see this explanation properly in an opinion column. If the fossil fuel companies are lining their pockets, so are a lot of Americans invested in their 401(k)s and jobs that this industry supplies. Russia and China are laughing all the way to the bank. They are among the worst offenders yet they did not bother to attend.

Why can’t common sense prevail rather than this juvenile ideology of politics and immature ideas? Ron Jobe | Roseville

I applaud you and your fellow writers at Monterey County Weekly for the great job of truth-telling that you do. It is time to speak truth to and about those who are creating mayhem upon this fragile land we know and love and have the absolute privilege to share. Donna Owens |Tuscon, Arizona

Policing the Police

And police wonder why the public doesn’t trust them (“A Seaside police officer, after committing another crime this year, may face DUI charges,” Nov. 4-10). Seaside should set an example to its citizens by throwing the book at this cop. Because as we know they would definitely throw it at us citizens. Fernando Andrade | via social media

He wrecked a [wall] by the Elks Club and fled the scene. Has another “incident” that Seaside police won’t elaborate on and now another under the influence that injured someone. And he may get charged with a DUI?

All while still getting paid. Must be nice to be protected and above the law. Adam J. Lincoln | Monterey

Alcohol is involved in around 35 percent of motorcycle accidents. Shame on this officer for having a passenger on his bike after drinking. Jessie Lillie Lemon | via social media

Laws of the Land

Let’s hope we get a sheriff who enforces laws and doesn’t pick and choose which laws to enforce (“The 2022 race for Monterey County sheriff is already five contenders deep,” Nov. 4-10). Lou Richards | Marina

Onward and Outward

Tell me, these new houses are going to all be affordable? (“Seaside looks to develop Seaside East, even though there is no water to do so,” Nov. 4-10.) Bullshit. They’ll go up, just like they did in Marina, starting in the “reasonable $900,000s.”

This is just another scam to attract Bay Area people who can work from home to move here, make some developer and the city of Seaside a bunch of cash and gentrify the working people out of here.

Just what we need, another generic town full of generic big box buildings that no one here can afford, unless you already have a huge house. Philip Livernois | via social media

Damn right. And once again, the water? Michael de Guzmán | via social media

Celebrating Veterans

Thanks for telling us all about Mr. Ed! We need genuine heroes these days (“Honoring our WWII veterans, including those who weren’t recognized as such until 1988,” posted Nov. 6). Mary Alicia McRae | Salinas

Ocean Magic

I got to see him this past summer on a whale watching tour. He’s so beautiful (“Casper the all-white dolphin pays a visit to Monterey Bay – just in time for Halloween,” posted Nov. 2). Lavada Lambert Ferguson | via social media

So awesome. Sonja Balangue | Bakersfield

Gorgeous. Joann DiMartino | Ellicott City, Maryland

Casper brings me joy! Sherry Hostutler | via social media

Dining al Fresco

I love outdoor dining and hope it never goes away. Take a chill pill, Carmel (“Carmel restaurant parklets get a two-month extension from weary city councilmembers,” posted Nov. 3). Christy Alanne | via social media

Oh no, not their precious “village character.” Joseph W. Borawski | via social media

Five Stars

[Aubergine Chef] Justin Cogley is the man! Humble food genius! (“What is a Michelin Plate, and what does it mean for local restaurants?,” Oct. 28-Nov. 3.) William Lathrop | via social media

Awesome. Hard work pays off! Veronika Marleen Barton | via social media

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