Doctor Business

What was not mentioned is that many of CHOMP/Montage’s own doctors do not accept Aspire insurance (“Kaiser comes to town, and local hospitals launch a new insurance plan,” Nov. 11-17). Montage regularly charges 6x+ cash pay market rates for MRIs and other services at its facilities depending on your insurance plan. Kaiser would expose much of this mercenary pricing and poor quality care. I welcome Kaiser to Monterey County. Long overdue. Mike Gajewski | Moss Landing

Thank you for the insightful, timely reporting. Mary Conway | Monterey

Pumped Up

Finally!! Now let’s get a great skate park in Monterey (“Marina will become the first city in Monterey County to build a pump track,” Nov. 11-17). Kelsea Richmond | via social media

This is more than just a pump track and is using grants and recreation set-asides from the new developments in Marina. It is the first part of a complete makeover for Gloria Jean Tate park. Glenn Woodson | via social media

Built Out

A few questions arise from recent reports (“After a deal went south, high-end housing development Ferrini Ranch might get built after all,” Oct. 28-Nov. 3). Is it wise to develop housing in a flood zone with an unproven plan to divert flood waters? Are environmental impact reports based on old information still valid? In an epic drought, where will the continuous water supply for new units at Rancho Cañada, Ferrini Ranch and September Ranch come from when existing homes can’t get credits? How can local government officials, handsomely paid by our tax dollars to guard the fiscal and physical safety of citizens, enthusiastically approve a project to be built in the path of natural disaster? Do our endangered ranches need to be developed? Glamorous investors and their government representatives will cash out and be long gone when atmospheric rivers inundate their new neighborhoods or when our agriculture disappears. We taxpayers will be on the hook for cleanup and subsidies. Chris Vaughn | Carmel

Governor Time

Time to stop using GDP as a measure of success (“Gov. Gavin Newsom visits Monterey to speak about the state of economy and challenges that lie ahead,” posted Nov. 9). Valerie Gaino | Pacific Grove

How does he explain all the people and businesses leaving? He is the tax man and ruining this state. Janis Spencer | via social media

Who cares if Gov. Newsom was in Monterey, a show of hands. Michael Baroni | via social media

Van Life

After visiting the site of the evictions this morning, I was left wondering: What is going to happen to the site now? (“Monterey County evicts people living in vehicles from a government parking lot,” Nov. 11-17.) I am speaking about the mounds of trash, human waste, discarded appliances, etc. Who is responsible for towing the derelict vehicles? Who will pay the cost of cleaning up the parking lot? Those are basic questions, none of which was covered in your articles (“One consequence of the housing crisis is more and more people living in their cars,” Nov. 11-17).

This obvious lack of respect is even more distressing to me since we, as a community, want to help, and want to end the homelessness crisis, but those we help seem to feel they are entitled to abuse the help they are given.

Yes, I acknowledge homelessness is a crisis, and a damn complicated one. There is no easy answer. It will take funding, resources and the support of the community, of which I am fully onboard. However, what I cannot abide, is that it is a one-way process. Unfortunately it would be unpopular to tell that part of the story.

Does the Weekly want to talk about that issue to complete the whole picture, or, will you make a conscious choice to ignore it? Steve Paxton | Marina

Fired Up

Thank you for this story, and for coverage of that research (“A new study explores the connection between human-caused climate change and wildfire risk,” posted Nov. 9.) It quantifies the moisture and dry air issues. Still left is the wind velocity; high winds typically spread these big fires in the first days after they ignite.

By the way, I notice that little Idaho had more acres of forest burned in both periods on your maps, 1980s and recent times. Why didn’t Trump pick on Idaho, I wonder. Allan Groves | Seaside

In Flight

Thank you for showing me this beautiful story! Oh how I love the monarchs and their yearly journey. One of life’s mysteries and God’s blessings (“Slideshow: Monarch butterflies Return to Pacific Grove,” posted Nov. 5). Jackie Bottomlee | via social media

This is so wonderful to hear! Here in Missouri, I try to do my part to help protect/feed the monarchs when they come through. Kim Comer Weller | via social media

Sheriffs in Town

A city police chief is hired and answers to the city manager and city council (“The 2022 race for Monterey County sheriff is already five contenders deep,” Nov. 4-10). We often see them making public statements but they don’t really have true freedom to express their opinions. A county sheriff is an official elected by voters in the entire county and does not answer to the Board of Supervisors. Our top law enforcement official in the county must always maintain that independence. The supervisors pass resolutions all the time on issues for which they have no actual power. A censure would fall into that category. Paul J. Ingram | Carmel Valley

Seeing Shells

Heaven under the wharf! (“Hidden under Wharf 2, Monterey Abalone Company churns out prized shellfish,” Nov. 11-17.) Belle Mitchell Wood | via social media

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