Hotel Pagrovia

Great, let’s just keep that hideous, rotting, half-abandoned mall instead (“The American Tin Cannery hotel project is rejected by a 4-2 vote of the Pacific Grove Planning Commission,” posted Nov. 23). We can argue about whether this was the right project or not but, for god sake, do something. The American Tin Cannery is nothing but a blight on the community and, quite frankly, an embarrassment. James Schultze | Monterey

Thank god for the Planning Commission, I appreciate that they care about P.G. We do not need that big hotel. Raquel Bonilla | via social media

It’s a beautifully designed, sustainable building that will help support all the infrastructure that makes our town a great place to live. It’s next to the Aquarium, a corner that is already a tourist area. It will provide jobs and a place for local businesses and schools to gather (conferences, proms, etc.) I see no downsides to the project at all. Tessa McGlasson Avila | Pacific Grove

Objections are purely NIMBY and have no grounding in taxes, actual impact, housing, progress, etc. Try to find a hotel room here – totally booked, very expensive. Wouldn’t want to fix that, except the people with the time/money to lobby for denial. Maybe we’ll let the old dead mall rot for 200 years, like the waterfront on Cannery Row. Ben Wiseley | Pacific Grove

Still Rotting

I always wondered how such a prime spot remained empty (“The years-long quest to develop the last vacant property on Cannery Row takes another turn,” Nov. 25-Dec. 1). Brendon Branigin | via social media

I read your article about this project while eating at the cafe and looking across the vacant lots to the sparkling blue bay and the mountains beyond. Beautiful. The city should buy the lot and create a wonderful park. Can the city afford it? One dollar from each tourist would pay for it ongoing. Bruce Merchant | Carmel

Sounds like the guy in jail was a serious bad actor and caused a great deal of tumult in this project. If not for him, this site likely would have been developed years ago. Joseph W. Borawski | via social media

Masked Up

I see no reason why we shouldn’t be implementing an indoor mask mandate (“Monterey County Board of Supervisors suspends indoor mask mandate effective immediately,” posted Nov. 16). A majority of our county supervisors can’t get us one, and our county health officer seems resistant. It was a similar scenario when we needed a lockdown in the spring of 2020. Several physicians had to contact the media in order to pressure our county health officer into doing the right thing. If it saves one life, or prevents one person from becoming permanently disabled, it’s worth it. Where are we, Florida?? John Norman | Seaside

Rent to Fight

To set the record straight on short-term rentals: In contrast to the untrue claim made by the Monterey Vacation Rental Alliance we, the Carmel Valley residents, want to allow some vacation rentals, particularly those run by primary residents in their own home (Advertisements, Nov. 10-16 and Nov. 17-24). However, we also want the county to regulate the larger commercial interests and limit them per existing regulations in a pilot program now. Ellen Korstanje | Carmel Valley

No short-term rentals in Carmel Valley. It is largely a residential area. Keep it that way. I spend too much time weekly cleaning up short termers’ trash, dog poop, and nonresident litter. If people want to make money renting overnight, let them buy a motel. Thomas Kennett | Carmel Valley

I support the proposed pilot enforcement program for short-term rentals in Carmel Valley. I am not opposed to vacation rentals as long as there is an owner onsite or an owner who can be available to regulate noise levels. On our small street with only nine homes, we have seen two turn into vacation rentals without owners living onsite.

I support the effort to create an ordinance that creates reasonable controls that can be enforced with appropriate responsibility placed upon the owners of the property. Christine McEnery | Carmel Valley

Camp Out

So what are people supposed to do when all the campsites are booked for the entirety of the summer and they cannot afford some of these crazy prices for the hotels? There are so many turnouts people could use that do not burden anyone (“An effort to deter roadside campers along Highway 1 gains momentum,” Nov. 25-Dec. 1). Nathan Menke | via social media

Conversation Topic

Thanks for the thoughtful piece about how to approach difficult topics around folks with whom we might disagree (“Holidays can bring us together – but disagreements can tear us apart,” posted Nov. 24). The suggestions are timed perfectly, as I’m sure the holidays will find many of us in situations where listening, combined with a bit of tact and diplomacy, not to mention a fair amount of patience, will certainly be required to help keep the peace.

Thanks for reminding us of that all important active act of listening. Derek Dean | Monterey

Learn and Work

Having hired thousands of people over a 40-year career, I think programs like this are great and deserve our support (A pilot training program offers a window into medical careers for South County students,” Nov. 17-23). The more that young people are exposed to the needs and duties of different types of jobs, the more likely they are to pick one that is right for them. Great article! Rudy Fischer | Pacific Grove

Giving Back

So proud of you all (“Hartnell nursing students distribute kits to help unhoused people as temperatures drop,” posted Nov. 25.). Seaneen Scott Sullinger | Pebble Beach

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