Age in Place

Those pesky seniors and their desire to live somewhere (“Las Palmas neighbors prepare for a battle against proposed senior assisted living facility,” Oct. 3-9). It’s really easy to act compassionate until it inconveniences you or requires something of you personally, then it’s every man for himself. William Sterling | via Facebook

That many people, residents, and staff and vendors, will have a major impact on traffic, noise, sanitation, security and the atmosphere of the neighborhood. I have to agree with the homeowners that it will be detrimental to the area. Chad Sutter | via Facebook

OMG, someday you will be old. Daniel Moltrup | via Facebook

Monterey County is building a facility with services/housing for the homeless near the Creekbridge area. Everyone needs to open their neighborhoods. Monica Agpaoa-Gonzales | via Facebook

NIMBYs are a curse to the world. I live next door to 150-unit senior place and it’s just an occasional ambulance or fire truck for when someone codes out. Tom Tessier | via Facebook

No! No! No! That area is so darn windy. The poor seniors would get blown away for sure. I have a past co-worker who lives in the Las Palmas Subdivision and every time she would turn on her sprinklers to water her lawn, it would all blow into her neighbor’s yard, leaving her grass high and dry! Chris Sierra | via Facebook

I’m a senior in a windy section and so far I haven’t been blown away.

UNBELIVEABLE what some people say and think about old people. There are countries where old people are revered and cared for. We should be like that. Laureen Diephof | via Facebook

Chief of Staff

The most irresponsible thing for anyone to do is to think that because some of the rank-and-file aren’t happy means the chief is doing a poor job (“Salinas police union votes, says they have no confidence in their chief,” posted Oct. 7). No-confidence votes are nothing more than a tactic labor unions use to intimidate their target and generate sympathy and support from a largely disinterested, uninvolved and uninformed electorate. Mark Carbonaro | via Facebook

I am a law enforcement proponent and an advocate for the most disenfranchised, marginalized populations among us. When it was my job to advocate for victims of domestic violence, Chief Fresé was a sympathetic and influential partner in South County for those whose lives often depended upon her compassion and leadership. She never forgot the essential “why” of her selfless service. I can put a face and a name to those whose lives she has saved and/or made safer. Leaders are often convenient scapegoats for societal frustrations. Chief Fresé has my vote of confidence! Cheryl M. McCormick | via Facebook

To the Stage

I got the honor [of attending performance of Hamilton in San Francisco] with Gonzales eighth-graders and it was beyond amazing! (“A foundation stakes a claim on constitutional education – to amazing results,” Oct. 3-9.) To witness kids for the first time step out of our little town to a big city, to hear the “wow’s” and the “check it out’s” was truly “cool.” Sitting next to students who laughed and ooh’d during the rap battles and even cried! Truly honored and blessed to have witnessed that. To all those who pulled this off: bravo!! Cheli Flores | via Facebook

Park Powers

Glad the JPA constituents are meeting (“An agency convenes with an eye on transforming Laguna Grande Park,” Oct. 3-9). I too hope the park can be safe for all who visit. LisAnne Sawhney | Seaside

Clean it up so everyone is safe and can use it without fear. Kathy C. Allen | via Facebook

Fire it Up

Thank you for getting the word out about what is going on. Many people haven’t yet been affected, but will soon be (“Monterey County is critically vulnerable to the insurance industry’s retreat from wildfire risk,” Oct. 3-9). I shared this article with our board members here at Hacienda del Sol, our property manager and several homeowners. George Dean | Monterey

Check Up

That’s awesome! We need more PAs! (“New physician assistant degree at CSUMB promises to improve access to health care,” Oct. 3-9.) Stephanie Johnstone | via Facebook

Turn off the Lights

Many Monterey voters are opposed to the proposed bright football lights for principled reasons involving bond funds and environmental impacts (“A school district does damage control facing lawsuit threats over stadium,” Sept. 19-25). At stake are our tax dollars, our trust in our public officials, the safety of our streets and our peace and quiet.

Public comments sent to MPUSD ran three-to-one in opposition to the new lights. We asked the district to prepare an EIR before proceeding so we can all have the facts about the lights, noise, traffic and parking. An EIR would help the school board make an informed decision.

The project would be funded by Measure I, which voters understood was intended to fix crumbling infrastructure of our schools. Expensive new football lights and bleachers were not a priority. Marta Kraftzeck | Monterey

Up and Away

Great article!!! Amanda is the best – super smart, passionate and an amazing teacher (“Birdwatching tours at Asilomar encourage birding newcomers to slow down and use their senses,” Oct. 3-9). Julia Pederson | via Instagram

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