Ready for Takeoff

I fully support this (“Monterey Regional Airport sets a course for transformation by the year 2035. Expect some turbulence along the way,” Jan. 30-Feb. 5). Justin Violini | via Facebook

Another excellent story but I wish the safety, not just noise, of neighborhoods in proximity was mentioned. Expanding the airport increases the number of flights which statistically increases the chances of a disaster. I’m pretty sure the number of residents that want the expansion for easier travel routes are highly outnumbered by those against adding to the overtourism the region is already plagued with. Esther Malkin | Monterey

MRY’s fares can be twice as high as San Jose’s. For a round-trip ticket to LAX from San Jose and a round-trip fare including tip on the Monterey Airbus, I paid as much as I would have paid for a one-way ticket from MRY to LAX. Otis R. Needleman | Seaside

Up in Smoke

The more information that has come out about vaping, the more concerning the issue becomes (“Taking on cigarettes was a success for schools, but now they’re fighting another giant: JUUL,” Jan. 30-Feb. 5). Initially I was a strong supporter because it was helping family members quit smoking. But now, studies are finding that in many cases, the nicotine levels are so much higher in vape liquids that they are causing more serious addiction problems. Additionally, studies are finding that while vaping can improve lung/heart conditions in longtime smokers, it almost immediately causes health issues in people who have never smoked. My mind is changed on vaping and I am glad schools are cracking down. Stef Helbock Pummell | via Facebook

I heartily agree. A bunch of friends and I tried to use e-cigs to quit smoking. Some were quite successful. Two of us ended up with pneumonitis and pneumonia within a week. Peggy Gnehm | via Facebook

What a waste of time and resources. It’s our government’s responsibility to govern these issues and place pressure on companies that create problems like these. The district should instead place its efforts in Sacramento or the U.S. Department of Education. Eric Barajas | via Facebook

Make cigarettes great again! Sidebar, I hate all of your kids: Because of them I can’t buy mint JUUL pods anymore. Nate Woods | via Facebook

Salinas Rising

Wow (“Salinas seeks to remake its Lincoln Avenue corridor, and Silicon Valley developers want in with a $489 million plan,” Jan. 30-Feb. 5). Barry Kilzer | via Facebook

This is a great plan. I hope the public-private partnerships come to fruition. Salinas needs something like this. Change is hard, but needed. David J.R. Mack | via Facebook

Lost Marbles

Seventy-nine felony charges? They have no intention of this guy seeing freedom again, and justifiably so, endangering the populace for his own amusement for as long as he did (“Suspected Highway 101 projectile attacker held on bail awaiting more charges,” posted Jan. 24). Joseph W. Borawski | via Facebook

Guys like this are incredibly dangerous. You can see the criminality is escalating. He hides in plain sight as some benign good neighbor while underneath that cover, commits vicious attacks on innocent people. The cops did a great job ferreting him out. Barb Patchin | via Facebook

There’s also the financial hardship he put on me as a single commuting parent, and on many others. I had to learn on YouTube to replace my van window and do it myself, plus the price of the new glass. Margie Limon | via Facebook

Bay Backers

As a First Flush volunteer, I just want to clarify that this volunteer opportunity is not a dangerous one (“First Flush volunteers are trained to collect runoff – and to wait for the first big rain of the season,” Jan. 30-Feb. 5). This year, the first rain came with a torrential downpour which made the drive to our site challenging. First Flush is a great way to give back to our community. It’s a small commitment but a huge help to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. You don’t have to be young and adventurous to help. Look up the “Get Involved” section of the Sanctuary website ( Elisabeth Chandler | Monterey

Jazzed Up

Lex Land does a stripped-down livestream every Friday on Facebook. It’s intimate. It’s interactive. It can be funny. It can be transcendent. Since I found it last year I haven’t missed a week. Can’t recommend it enough (“Two musicians put a hot, sultry and lively spin on jazz,” Jan. 30-Feb. 5). Joseph Lalor | via Facebook

I can’t wait for this event! Nate Gómez | via Facebook

Sucking Salt

The Cal Am desal proposal was a poorly designed project reliant on utilizing the infrastructure of others and was put forward with no regard for protection of dwindling dune habitat (“Cal Am desalination plant suffers major setback in pursuit of Coastal Commission permit,” posted Jan. 31). What is amazing is that the city of Marina and Marina Coast Water District have had to reach beyond the Monterey Peninsula and our own county’s civic governments to find an agency willing to stop rubber-stamping this corporate greed.

The board of Monterey One Water should now act swiftly and approve the expansion of the Pure Water Monterey recycled water project. Tina Walsh | Marina

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