Home Prices

I smell a bullshit excuse to criminalize people trying to survive on an income which is marginal to the current ridiculous income requirement – making too much, but not enough (“Rent increases follow promises of renovation at a low-income housing complex in Seaside,” Nov. 14-20). I don’t know anyone who would make six figures and want to live in subpar housing, but if such a person exists, there’s still always gonna be one bad egg in the mess. It’s not worth highlighting their poor choices to the detriment of all those who really need affordable housing.Molly Daniels | via Facebook

I can understand wanting to prioritize the very poor before people making at least a living wage, but honestly how will this help? It will only displace more people who can barely afford to live around here. Darryl Choates can only ever see short-term solutions and dollar signs. Alexis Maceira | via Facebook

I am greatly concerned about the way subsidized renters are being treated throughout Monterey County. They often wait for months to find a place they can afford and are at the mercy of the landlords, afraid to complain. Del Monte Manor is badly maintained, and residents deserve better. Luana Conley | via Facebook

Number Two

Eewwwww. I might have to give up Bernardus Chardonnay! (“Road closures in store for Carmel Valley as Vice President and Second Lady arrive for fundraiser,” posted Nov. 13.) Robin Welch | via Facebook

Guess I won’t be purchasing any more [Bernardus] wine. Too bad as it was a great wine. Dave Hicks | via Facebook

Monterey County certainly has lots of 1 Percenters who, thanks to Trump, pay less in combined taxes than janitors. Of course they want to support him. Greta Nisson | via Facebook

Good to see something to rankle the local liberals to near hysteria. Welcome to California, Vice President Pence. Let’s see, what other trigger words can I throw out? Steve and Susan Gordo | via Facebook

You’re not going to get through the majority in this state, don’t waste your time. But I’m glad to have you as our #2 if the impeachment actually happens. Shelley Ness | via Facebook

And, Hike

Brain damage that could affect them for life vs. possible multi-million dollar, but short NFL career? Maybe reason is finally prevailing here (“With fewer boys playing football, high schools struggle to put teams on the field,” Nov. 14-20). American football has always been violent and dangerous. It needs to go away. Roger Kern | via Facebook

Good! It’s about time. Contact sports should be a thing of the past. Dani Carvalho | via Facebook

“We have a bunch of great helmets sitting in a cabinet.” Waste that could have been spent on the arts. J.R. Walker | via Facebook

Pill Popped

Excellent report by Mary Duan (“Salinas doctor whose son was at center of infamous murder case is indicted on federal drug charges,” posted Nov. 13). Charles Sartwell | via Facebook

Wow, what a family. Linda Cotta | via Facebook

So sad. Maryann Keeley | via Facebook

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Going Flat

Only a matter of time (“Cannery Row Brewing Company shuts down amid cash flow challenges,” posted Nov. 11). I worked there for a few months. I always thought that not being an actual brewery, but having brewery in the name, was never a good idea. I guess Guy Fieri couldn’t even save this place. Phillip Miller | via Facebook

“Cash flow challenges”? Is that a new way of saying “broke because of mismanagement”? Lou Richards | via Facebook

Seems to be a pattern with this company. But I bet they made all their money out of the businesses or spent it faster than they could make it. Bret Evan Conneau | via Facebook

I worked there. They texted us Monday night that we’d be closed for a few days for repairs starting Tuesday. Everyone took them not having a reopen date as a sign that we were done for good. They haven’t told us anything beyond that. We don’t even know if/when we can get our last checks. Tyler Halls | via Facebook

It’s been going downhill since 2014. Sly’s is packed every night of the week, even Sundays, and the last few months you had to actually walk into CRBC and ask if they were still open because it seemed empty. Adam Biagi | via Facebook

It sucks for the employees but honestly, that place was awful – horrible service and horrible food. Erik Ebberoth | via Facebook

Door Dash

The headline (“Monterey Bay Urgent Care is closing down and selling its physical assets to CHOMP,” Oct. 17-23) stated Monterey Bay Urgent Care was closing down. We are open for business until Jan. 1, 2020. We continue to see patients, 7:30am-6pm Monday-Friday. The unintended consequence of delivering this news before an announcement was made had the community believing we had already closed our doors. Our doors are open and we are here to serve you! Madlene Moore Condon | via email

Editor’s note: Condon is chief operations officer of MBUC.

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