Ice Cold

This is going to cause more people to not go to court (“ICE arrests man outside of Monterey County Superior Court,” posted Sept. 20). Bryan Lustre | via Facebook

Right? Also people who are witnesses to more violent crimes are definitely going to avoid speaking to police and most certainly are not going to show up in court to be a witness. Koly McBride | via Facebook

U.S. Customs and INS operated just fine with local agencies until President George W. Bush put it under the Department of Homeland Security under the disguise of “patriotism.” Now Trump uses it to terrorize migrant workers to get political support. Now we have these situations of feds and locals agencies stepping on each other’s toes. Obama was a fool for not fixing it or addressing immigration reform. Adam Wachtel | via Facebook

Art and Life

Surprised this article is just coming out? (“The Monterey Museum of Art is 60 and showing its age, but new ideas could propel it into the next 60,” Sept. 19-25.) The complaints about Director Stuart Chase have been serious, ongoing, and an embarrassment to the museum.

I, along with many of my peers, have stopped going as a result.

I believe the board failed to act in the best interest of the museum and now sadly the museum and community are paying for it. The good news is tomorrow is a new day and it isn’t too late for the board to do the right thing. Time for new blood. Brian McCarthy | via Facebook

I am so appreciative of the excellent reporting and writing in the MMA piece. Please convey my best wishes to Pam Marino, Walter Ryce and Nic Coury. They have articulated an important insight in a fair and comprehensive way. Journalism is essential. Ann Gubser | Pacific Grove

Lights Off

I live two blocks above Monterey High School and the improvements being made to the school not only improve the level of education and the high school experience, but the attractiveness of the school (“A school district does damage control facing lawsuit threats over stadium,” Sept. 19-25). I think it also improves property values. I don’t see it as a negative. Cyd Crampton | via Facebook

When I went to Monterey High, we played Saturday day games because we didn’t have lights. Saturday day games are lame. These kids should get to play under the lights like every other high school does.

I own a house a block away from Monterey High and would love to hear the cheers of the stands during night games. This neighborhood is too quiet.

I hope these miserable people are at the MPUSD meeting next week so I can see which assholes oppose kids having good, safe fun. Tom Barrera | via Facebook

Tragedy Strikes

Sadly there are no winners in a situation like this (“No charges filed against Salinas police officers who shot and killed Brenda Rodriguez,” posted Sept. 19). Her baby daughter lost her mom. She lost her life. Her family has to live with the knowledge that this poor woman was beyond help even though they tried to help her. The officers have to live with the results of the situation this young lady put them in. In a perfect world she would not have had a drug problem, mental health problems, etc. The reality is that she, like so many, was struggling and so she made some really poor choices before that day and on that day. Sadly sometimes our worst enemy is ourselves. May she rest in peace. Mark Scott Arellano | via Facebook

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Suicide by cop, a terrible situation for all involved. It would have been wrong to bring charges against officers in this situation. Joseph W. Borawski | via Facebook

Rent Hikes

I would rather see a law that prohibits all CEQA lawsuits filed against proposed housing development and infrastructure improvements during times of housing shortages, as confirmed by a declaration from the California state government (“A bill prohibiting rent gouging and evictions is expected to become state law,” Sept. 19-25). While developers would still have to comply with the law and have the appropriate environmental impact review performed, NIMBYs would not be allowed to tie up necessary housing projects with frivolous lawsuits.

The only way to reduce rents and prevent gouging is to eliminate the shortage. Until California removes or mitigates the negative effects of all the regulatory red tape working against developers and builders, the shortage will not be resolved! Stef Helbock Pummell | via Facebook

Housing is so expensive because there isn’t enough being built. Rent control does nothing to address the actual cause. William Sterling | via Facebook

Taking away private property rights from owners usually does not end well. The free market is the best system. Melanie Showalter | via Facebook

Indy Dreaming

This is awesome! (“A young Carmel driver found a love of racing at Laguna Seca, and now hopes for an IndyCar ride,” Sept. 19-25.) I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing that when he was in eighth grade, he wrote a paper about a French karting star in my French class. I love hearing that he has followed his childhood passion! Nicole Chloe | via Facebook

Now that’s tenacity. Good for this kid! I hope he does well. Eric Barajas | via Facebook

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