Build Up

Sounds like a great project (“Seaside unveils plans for a 105-unit development on Broadway, part of an expanding city center,” Aug. 15-21). Shawn Adams | via Facebook

Twelve units as affordable housing is still really low. Jennifer Schmidt | via Facebook

“Affordable” is such a common word used for new projects in the past years, we all know it’s all BS. Ericka J. Perez | via Facebook

Sounds good, but there is no such thing as affordable housing. I am sure it will not be under $1,000/month. Kathleen Eads | via Facebook

WE NEED MORE HOUSING. I just hope the city will take great care in enforcing the quality of the construction and interior finishes, the design, and the maintenance of the property, so you don’t end up with junk. Margaret Carey Lang | via Facebook

Vroom Vroom

Don’t know how anyone could speed during this week! (“Officials promise a crack down on speeders, sideshows and other scofflaws of Car Week,” posted Aug. 13). Douglas Brown | via Facebook

They need to cancel The Exotics. These are the a-holes who are ruining the week. I can deal with the congestion, but I have a hard time dealing with the idiots who think our city streets are for racing. Mark Carbonaro | via Facebook

I’ve never been a big car guy although I can appreciate a vintage sports car or one of the muscle cars that were the envy of many a young man when I got my driver’s license in 1975. But this year, Car Week really got on my nerves.

Maybe it’s the steady drumbeat of scientific research documenting the accelerating pace of climate change. July was the hottest month world-wide ever recorded. And there’s the latest lawsuit from the state of California and joined by 12 other states seeking to block the federal government from rolling back Obama-era fuel economy standards. Meanwhile, BMW, Ford, Honda and Volkswagen have reached agreement with the state to steadily increase mileage and reduce emissions from their vehicle fleets through 2026.

According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, in the U.S., cars and trucks account for nearly one-fifth of all emissions. And older cars spew more pollutants out the tailpipe; before catalytic converters were standard equipment, pre-1990 model cars can produce as much as 18-percent more noxious pollutants than a 2015 model.

Maybe this year is the tipping point. Here’s hoping Car Week of today will give rise to Bike Week in the near future. Jeff Lindenthal | Corral de Tierra

Editor’s note: Lindenthal is a long-time member of TAMC’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee.

School’s in Session

What a wonderful program! Great job Rancho Cielo! (“A new program at Rancho Cielo aims to give high schoolers employable skills in the ag business,” Aug. 8-14.) Carlos Leyva | via Instagram

Brilliant!!! Sue Crampton | via Instagram

Safety in Numbers

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In the aftermath of the senseless shootings in Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton, promoters are being asked what is being done to prevent violence at events (“Fear of violence shouldn’t keep people away from festivals. In fact, it’s more important than ever to celebrate community,” Aug. 1-7). As a promoter of art and music festivals in Monterey County for over 40 years, the safety of the public has always been a concern and never so much as it is today. Last year, the West End Celebration in Sand City rented 15 10-foot concrete K-rail barriers and placed them at all of the entry points. This year, we decided to purchase the barriers.

And yet, no matter what we do it will never be enough. Despite this sad reality, we should not and cannot let fear prevent us from doing what we love and participating in large public gatherings.

If we are going to ever truly feel safe again – if we are ever going to turn the tide on this senseless plague that has descended on our country – we are going to have to address the root of the problem. The West End Celebration provides many opportunities for the youth of our community to participate. Partnering nonprofits – including Community Partnership for Youth, Youth Arts Collective, Guitars Not Guns, Community Palette – are all doing their part to provide alternatives to children to express themselves creatively. We need to provide our children with spaces to build positive connections and a sense of community. Steve Vagnini | Monterey

Editor’s note: Vagnini is event coordinator of the West End Celebration and director of the local chapter of Guitars Not Guns.

Kids in Beds

What a sweet man who volunteered (“Local Spin: Kids in crisis find open doors lacking when they need them most,” Aug. 15-21). I’ve considered volunteering but doubting that I would meet their requirements is what stops me. Christine Wollman | via Facebook

Run Up

Jimmy [Panetta] is a great representative (“Squid Fry,” Aug. 8-14). But staying silent [about impeachment] is an autodisqualification in my mind. Inaction is a statement. It’s a statement that says he is OK with the behavior and decorum spewing from the executive branch. The longer he sits on the sidelines the more he slips from being a leader. To sit back in the shadows and let others make the risky decisions so either way he might score another term. If that’s the case, I’ll run. Carson Franklin | Seaside


Saxophonist Shay Salhov’s surname was misspelled (“A local jazz band takes jazz in experimental and minimalist directions,” Aug. 15-21). It is Salhov, not Shalov.

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