Lay Down Your Arms

This is something I always ask my friends and neighbors about before my children can go to their homes, plus I teach my kids how to act if they see or are shown a gun (“A new gun safety initiative aims to defy politics and shift the focus from policy to safe storage,” Dec. 19-25). Both my younger kids were given the Eddie Eagle materials that tell kids who see a gun to Stop!, Don’t Touch!, Run Away! and Tell an Adult!. The program focuses on younger kids who are most likely to be curious about guns and think they are OK to play with. Nicole C. Becker | Monterey

What a great article, and important message! I was pleasantly surprised to see Michael Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action mentioned in conjunction with firearms safety. I’m sure your readers would also be interested to note that the National Rifle Association, with more than 125,000 certified instructors, 8,000 coaches and 2,200 training counselors, is the preeminent organization in the world teaching the safe handling and storage of firearms, including dedicated low-cost courses in home firearm safety. As both an NRA-certified and California DOJ-certified firearms instructor, I can attest to the high quality of their training, for hundreds of thousands of police and civilians. People interested in defending their persons and homes while being safe should contact the NRA. Norm Morris | Salinas

The wise person tells nobody that they own a gun. All too easy for someone to report you to the police, who will then take your guns away. If that means someone doesn’t want their kids at your place, that’s their problem.

Monterey Police Chief Dave Hober lives in a dream world. His gun is always at hand, yet he asks other people why they own a gun. Chief, you have no right to try to keep anyone from exercising their Second Amendment rights. Also, when seconds count, the police are minutes away… if they come.

Nothing wrong with securing your weapon, but I find Susan Meister’s imperious attitude deplorable. Otis R. Needleman | Seaside

Let’s push for legislation to treat guns like cars. Guns should be licensed, registered and insured. Owners/users should pass tests to show they know how to use and store guns safely. Steve Ekelund | Salinas

Landing A Deal

Great news! (“Ferrini Ranch project dies with a $10 million offer from land preservation trust,” Dec. 19-25) I’ve lived in this area for over 30 years and the water quality has steadily deteriorated. Thank you for preserving this beautiful corridor. Kathy Filice Young | via Facebook

Awesome. Shirley Graham-Suneson | via Facebook

As a former planner for Monterey County on this project, I view it with mixed emotions. It was a good development and was about 400 less houses than the prior zoning allowed, and also set aside 400 of the 600-plus acres as permanent open space. It would have provided housing to the region. And while adding traffic would have also funded a portion of the much needed Highway 68 expansion.

But in reality some of those that were in opposition to the project didn’t want the traffic problem solved or housing built, at least not near them. The same developers also built the houses that many opponents currently live in and love so much.

I’m happy to see it preserved by a great organization as well. A win-win. David J.R. Mack | via Facebook

For the Record

We wish to thank Congressman Jimmy Panetta for standing up for what is right and voting to impeach President Trump (“In reflecting on casting an historic vote to impeach the president, it’s about accountability,” Dec. 26-Jan. 1). This is perhaps the most important vote Congressman Panetta will take. However, it’s also important we remember what he has stated: “The impeachment of the president and his upcoming trial in the U.S. Senate has not stopped us from conducting the people’s business.”

Panetta introduced the bipartisan Farm Workforce Modernization Act that passed in the House of Representatives. He also successfully incorporated an amendment which encourages partnerships between institutions of higher education and federal agencies.

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The Monterey County Democratic Party is proud of Panetta’s record and his vote to impeach. We hope the Senate will do the right thing and conduct a fair and impartial trial and remove the president. Elena Loomis | Monterey

Editor’s note: Loomis chairs the Monterey County Democratic Central Committee.

Breaking Through

Refreshingly good news! (“At Breakthrough Men’s Community, masculinity sheds its toxic habits,” Dec. 12-18.) Nicole Root | via Facebook

This is amazing! It’s so important for men to have a safe space, free of judgment or fear of embarrassment. So happy something like this exists. Eric Barajas | via Facebook

I can attest firsthand to the benefits of Breakthrough. Life-changing, mind-opening and rebirth. Mark Scott Arellano | via Facebook

This transforms and saves lives. Check out this loving, effective option to heal your years-old hurts and live a full and joyful life. It is possible, friends. Karen Smith Araujo | via Facebook


In a story about the Health, Equity, Action & Leadership program (“Natividad medical staff take part in program to lift up the underserved of the Salinas Valley,” Dec. 26-Jan. 1) HEAL fellow Veronica Aragon’s surname was incorrect, based on inaccurate information provided by Natividad. It is Aragon, not Juana.

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