Reduce, Reuse, Uh…

Is it true we’re eliminating all recycling in the state of California because of a trade embargo with China over some pissing contest over North Korea? That’s a lot of cans in the landfill just so some little boy with a bad comb over can feel like he’s bigger than some guy in China. John Brooks | Carmel

Spicy Take

“Pumpkin spice needs to drown in a pool of its own orange blood,” – RIP Anthony Bourdain. (“Burning Question: Would you try pumpkin spice Spam?” posted Sept. 6). Julian Cook | via Web

Shine a Light

The Sept. 5 Weekly (“Letters,” Sept. 5-11) had a letter from Tom Newton and a comment from Squid about the improvements to the Monterey High School stadium. I live 1,100 feet from the center of the football field. I have read the Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration and FAQ on the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District’s website to better acquaint myself with this project. For the most part, I support the improvements. My concerns are as follows. 500 bleacher seats are being added, an increase of 42 percent in capacity. Only 21 new parking spaces are being added, 58 spaces at the district office opened up for use during events and another 60 city owned (not yet specified).

That leaves the various neighborhoods near the school for parking, and the trash, noise and other issues that this creates. Also, MPUSD must comply with the Civic Center Act (Education Code 38130) and cannot discriminate against organizations who wish to rent the field. With the upgrades to the facilities, what is to prevent the facility from being used more than 100 times per year, as has been done at Clairemont High in the San Diego school district with their facility improvements? I can live with six football games per year, but not two events per week.

Also, they state “The proposed new lights will be LED and will professionally downlight the field. They will have less impact on the neighborhood.” I believe that this is a function of where you live with proximity to the field. Residents east of my house will certainly be impacted more. I don’t know what the effect will be at my house. I do know, however, that these lights will light up the surrounding area significantly on evenings that the fog is prevalent as the light will be diffused and light up the sky. This is a common occurrence at Jack’s Park now.

I sent a letter to Paul Anderson, Director of Facilities at MPUSD, on Aug. 25, expressing my concerns. He received my email and stated that he would respond accordingly. I am awaiting his response. Maurice Coury | Monterey

Editor’s note: Coury is the father of Weekly staff photographer Nic Coury.

A Matter of Trust

“She said that he would take her to political events as a 15-year-old, and that the alcohol flowed to her, even in the presence of multiple law enforcement officials and politicians, Hoskins said.” (“Police testify with sordid details about alleged serial rapist John Fickas,” posted Sept. 6). Find those law enforcement officials and politicians and lock them up, too. Pass a law preventing any teacher from having any physical contact with students off campus, for any reason. Su La | via Facebook

What’s so sad is that some of his victims didn’t want to come forward due to immigration status of them or their families. That’s exactly why this crackdown on immigration is so terrible… it allows predators to get away for far too long with their disgusting crimes. Siobhan Warwick Griffin Wolfe | via Facebook

As a teacher, this especially sickens me. This man was never one of my colleagues, but I am deeply disturbed he terrorized children for as long as he did. Brettie Page | via Facebook

Where the Water Flows

Congrats to Moe (Ammar)! (Pacific Grove sells its first available water credits to homeowners on the city’s wait list,” Sept. 5-11). Having dedicated so many years to PG, being one of the outnumbered reasonable non-gouging landlords in the area and a supporter of worker housing he’s deserving of this to house his family nearby. Esther Malkin | via Facebook

Clean Sweep

I feel badly for all the homeless community, but they need to be evacuated from the park (“A homeless community leader goes to court to keep Salinas from clearing a park,” Sept. 5-11). It’s sad that we can’t take our kids there for a fun family outing. There are needles in the playground and drug residue on slides and picnic tables. Gaudy Flores Villalobos | via Facebook

They need to sleep, shit and live somewhere. Until we as a people are able to provide that, anywhere is fair game. To criminalize and be angry with them is completely bullshit. We failed them. This is our responsibility. Frederick Jack Nelson | via Facebook

Writing on the Wall

“We don’t think the climbing community and the community at large is being well served by the gym that’s coming in,” says Kristin Horowitz (“Is the Monterey Peninsula big enough to support two climbing gyms,” Sept. 5-11).

Sounds like another outsider who thinks they know what’s best for the community they don’t live in? All I know is that Sanctuary is a locally owned gym that has been here a long time and has built a strong bond with all the locals and even visiting climbers. Considering The Pad is based out of San Luis Obispo and with two other locations besides Sand City to focus on, I can’t see them building the same level of community that Sanctuary already has. Jay Mayor | via Web

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