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These officers are people just like the citizens they serve (“Salinas renews its agreement withLive PD, but many take issue with how the cop-centric reality TV show portrays the city to the world,” Aug. 22-26). Too many in the community want to call foul instead of supporting [Live PD] to show what it’s really like out there. If you can’t do the time (or appear on TV), then don’t do the crime. As far as those who need services, perhaps the city should watch and be embarrassed by the rates of homelessness, numbers of unemployed youth turning to gangs, the lack of services for the mentally ill – maybe this should be the wake-up call to put these things at the forefront, to provide what is lacking instead of having them be at the front lines for the law enforcement officers who serve the community.

I’m really disappointed in the article that seemed overly critical of the show and Salinas Police Department instead of covering the issues that are the root cause of the crime and need for the services of the police. Shame on you, Monterey County WeeklyJennifer Schmidt | via Facebook

It is called reality and transparency. I don’t particularly like that my town is the way it is, but it is. I love that murders are down, but quality of life has declined since 2015 with the surge of the homeless population. Karen Young | via Facebook

Policing for ratings does not create better outcomes for anyone involved. Anything you say can and will be used… on television. Jennifer Benge | via Facebook

I am not from Salinas, nor have I ever been there. But if some of you are worried that it makes your area look bad, well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. We know crime happens everywhere. However, we don’t know how an area responds to said crimes. Your participation inLive PD shows us how you respond. And that response is phenomenal!! It actually puts your area in a great light. I am much more inclined to visit knowing that the police are on the job.Mary Bartlett | Shreveport, Louisiana

If you watch the show you come away with one impression for sure, there is no other department on that program that comes anywhere near the level of professionalism that the Salinas PD has. Not even close. If [residents] do not like seeing the seedy side of Salinas on national TV, they should contact their council members to do something about it. Jeffery Olms | via Facebook

Rent Out

Glad to see the evictions have been stopped (“A low-income housing complex in Seaside is planning a $30 million renovation,” Aug. 22-28). Accolades to the community members who spoke out. Keep speaking truth to power. Eloise Kelsey | via Facebook

For $30 million, you should be able to build a whole new neighborhood! Greg Hamer | via Facebook

Feeling Butterflies

And, now it’s done properly. Amen (“Construction of Monarch Sanctuary restroom halts after Pacific Grove forgets to call a tribal monitor,” Aug. 22-28). Margaret Carey Lang | via Facebook

The area where Pacific Grove is now located was once the home of diverse communities. I appreciate the efforts to consider and respect the lives, history, culture and artifacts of past and present diverse cultural lives who once inhabited and called the area their home. Gerry Low-Sabado | via Facebook

School Blues

This is ridiculous!! It angers me so much! (“Chualar parents want a say in how the school is run, but the district is shutting them out,” Aug. 22-28.) Sinthia Salado | via Facebook

Even I knew they were under investigation. I doubt [Superintendent Roberto Rios] didn’t know.Lupita Gonzales | via Facebook

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Pave to Play

$30 million won’t even come close to solving the problem (“Gas tax funds allocated to repave Highway 1 between Carmel and Torre Canyon in Big Sur,” posted Aug. 22). Scott Cunningham | via Facebook

Will new pavement clean up all the human waste from these visitors? Patrick Lovejoy | via Facebook

Oh, joy, just think of all the trucks carrying sand and gravel to Big Sur to make asphalt down there for the repaving, not to mention the single-lane traffic while the work is being done in good weather. George Lentz | via web

Two weeks ago, we ventured out to the Big Sur coast for a monthly breakfast run. As is our habit we are on the road early, between 7-8am, to be ahead of the traffic that invariably develops. On our drive south, a thought in mind is that it is a real blessing to be able to drive to this place any day we choose, a place that people come from all around the world to visit.

To the outsider objecting to the traffic, don’t go there. In doing so, the traffic will be reduced. All the better for us who are attracted to this world-class destination.

Consider that there are many well-established businesses along the highway that rely on tourism. Many of the people in these cars, like us, are here to support those local businesses and enjoy the spectacular vistas along the way. Gerald Kergan | via Facebook

Bench Seat

Democrats who are more interested in saving their seats in Congress than in doing the right thing [impeachment] are no better than the Republicans; both just cower in fear (“Letters,” Aug. 22-28). As I told Jimmy Panetta, “I helped elect you to lead this country, not be a bench-warmer.” He has lost my vote for sure. Holly Haynes | Monterey

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