And, Scene

So glad to hear this. I love Salinas! (“Live PD declares Salinas too boring, opts to leave town,” posted Oct. 17.) Phillip Miller | via Facebook

Boring? I’m from Springfield, Missouri and loved watching Salinas officers work. They were, well, are consistently in high-energy and, frequently, dangerous situations. Sheri Gibe Jameson | via Twitter

Good riddance. Virginia Jameson | via Facebook

So it made us look so bad, yet the show says we’re not worthy. Joey Espinoza | via Facebook

Convenient timing. Saving face much? Better to leave of your own accord than get kicked out, right? Dani Carvalho | via Facebook

In the same time period Live PD had been in Salinas, the homicide rate had dropped dramatically. Salinas PD has been showing a very professional, community-oriented face of Salinas PD. Is this a bad thing?

Burying the public perception of gang problems in Salinas does nothing to improve the situation. Isn’t dealing with reality much more important than PR ? Michael Wecker | via Facebook

Isn’t this a good thing? To me it means that Salinas isn’t as bad as people want to believe and that the Salinas Police Department is going a great job. David J.R. Mack | via Facebook

Three-Way Race

I kind of like Jimmy, but I do agree that his proposals for climate recovery plans are too lax (“Incumbent Congressman Jimmy Panetta faces challengers from the right and the left,” Oct. 17-23). This is the number one issue facing us ALL currently, on any political side. We all need a healthy planet. Alexis Maceira | via Facebook

Heaven forbid we have an elected official that can see both sides and act on everyone’s behalf.Cassady Elischer | via Facebook

Anybody but Jimmy. James Tarhalla | via Facebook

Dimming the Lights

Thanks to the MPUSD board for following the values written into their facilities master plan and completing an EIR for Monterey High School (“MPUSD will do environmental review before proceeding with Monterey High School field project,” Oct. 14). For the students, facility and community members to experience firsthand the compromise and negotiation involved in a civic project that seems so simple – adding lights to the football field – is better than a chapter in a textbook. I hope the students have studied how the passions of both sides played out: reviewing the design, planning and communication process, defining the use of bond tax dollars for school improvements.

Creating a transparent learning environment where high school students develop into citizens that are informed and motivated to be responsible stewards of the environment, learn how to problem solve and listen will help ensure future generations quality of life and is the first step for a 21st-century success story. Julie Conrad | Monterey

Earthquake Memories

I was vacationing on the East Coast with my mother when the earthquake hit (“How the Weeklycovered the Loma Prieta earthquake 30 years ago,” posted Oct. 17). Most of my family lived within a 10-mile radius of the epicenter. Could not get through until 3am my time. Everyone was safe and only superficial damage. Amazing. Cyd Crampton | via Facebook

Housing Hope

So proud of this group of great candidates we were so lucky to have step up last election (“A campaign talking point evolves into action on housing for the Monterey Peninsula,” Oct. 17-23). Now if only we could clone each of them, the region has a solid chance of moving forward instead of standing with one foot in the last century. Esther Malkin | Monterey

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Great work housing advocates! Matt Huerta | Salinas

Step 1 would have been shutting down rent control. William Sterling | via Facebook

New for the News

While seeing AP on a majority of stories in other papers it is nice to peruse locally written content (“It’s time to stand up for independent media, and we invite readers to do that,” Oct. 17-23). The Weekly, like many papers, melds news and opinion on too many stories. Monterey County Weekly coverage on Monterey County actions has the most in-depth coverage I’ve read.Scott Cunningham | via Facebook

Octopuses’ Garden

Amazing!!! I love nature! (“Octopus devouring whale carcass in deep sea caught on video,” posted Oct. 17.) Eric Barajas | via Facebook

Hungry little octopus! Ashley DiPrete | via Facebook

Perfect Pour

I’m 100-percent behind a brewery that doesn’t over-rely on IPAs (“In the Kitchen: Nearing retirement, a Salinas couple starts a brewery,” Oct. 17-23). Patrick Golden | via Facebook


A photo caption (“Scientists and sport fishers team up to gather data on fisheries,” Oct. 17-23) incorrectly stated that rockfish have been known to live for up to 250 years. The oldest known rockfish is believed to be 205 years old.

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