Letters to the Editor

Trial by Fire

The fact this young man would be facing any criminal charges at all disturbs me greatly (“Local Spin: Autistic teen faces felony trial after knocking woman over during meltdown,” Dec. 17-23). Not to be confused with intervention that could occur – and should – to help him. To “punish” him based on law that is not set up for people with his disability is a disservice to him and the rest of the community. I can see nothing positive coming out of any charges. The article states he indeed knew right from wrong and that’s what was used as some sort of “test” to question if this young man understood the difference. In his case, I would think the state he was in at that exact time gave precedence over any concrete conscious thought he was having. Charges would simply amount to mistreatment. He would get nothing out of even a lower felony as there is most likely jail time connected. Instead, increase his assistance. Have him, if possible, write to apologize to this women. Maybe some volunteer work back to the community. All to teach him without making him suffer for an unintentional act. Make something good come from this. Surely there are other options for this young man. My heart does go out to the woman who was injured. I only wish her the best. Barbara Hernandez | via Web

Charging a person who has such a limited understanding of the legal process that he believes he may be burned at the stake or executed for knocking someone to the ground demonstrates he is not of an intellectual level of understanding to be charged with this felony. And the district attorney is wasting taxpayer money by charging a person who has a well-documented disability that impacts his daily behavior. If this public school student was under the supervision of a public school employee at the library, then the school system is responsible for what transpired at the library. The school system has an extremely detailed document with all the details about a special needs student, including behavioral issues. The school bears a great deal of responsibility for what happened here. Why is the school system not being held responsible? This young man should not be charged with a felony for his neurological disability that led to his impulsively running out of the library. Wendy Mullins | via Web

Happy Trails

This is great news for the city of Marina as it’s destined to become a world-class recreation destination (“Marina development rebirth will be part of Peninsula-wide trail network,” Dec. 17-23). Brian Boudreau’s Monterey Downs retail shopping city does not belong within virgin Fort Ord forests. Jeffrey Oropeza | via Facebook

So any plans on finally getting Imjin converted to a four-lane road for the entire length of it, or do we just have to deal with the choke points? But resurfacing it again and painting bike lanes will cure everything, right? Tom DeBiase | via Facebook

Santa Cops

With so much horrible news, it is refreshing to see a generous gesture by a local Secret Santa and positive news about our officers (“Monterey police surprise residents with gift cards,” Dec. 17-23). Thank you to both who serve our community in their own special way. Jenny Mac | via Facebook

Meanwhile Monterey City Council members voted in the sit-lie ordinance designed to drive people to hide out in the woods and freeze to death Tom Tessier | via Facebook

Boom the Ban

I hate hate hate them! (“Proponents of Salinas fireworks submit signatures to overturn a ban,” posted Dec. 14). I used to love them until I moved to Salinas where I live near some irresponsible idiots who shot illegal fireworks late into the night many days prior and post Fourth of July. It seriously sounded like a war zone. So many of these folks are completely careless and have zero respect for their neighborhood, neighbors, city or laws. Unfortunately, I hope they are banned! Stephanie Shonley | via Facebook

Suffer the Children

If we can’t trust the system to help when the proper protocols are followed by people who notice something wrong, who can we trust? (“Couple suspected in deaths of two kids, torture of girl had previous contacts with county social services,” posted Dec. 16.)

These are the same systems we have in place to protect us against threats and violence, yet I shudder to think about all that could fall through the cracks if people aren’t paying attention.

We have to watch, community, and do what we can to care for each other. We cannot rely solely on government entities to pay attention. I have no idea what that looks like, but something’s got to give. Heather O’ Donnell | via Facebook

The SPCA checks on the homes for people who want to adopt animals; shouldn’t the process be much more intensive with frequent (i.e. monthly home visitations) when children are involved? These three abused children were not the woman’s biological children. Who qualified her to “care” for them

Linda Skelton | via Facebook

Letter About The Letters

To miss the film The Letters because of a spiteful and mean-spirited Weekly review would be a shame because this biography of Mother Teresa of Calcutta is everything the reviewer said it was not: intelligent, uplifting, full of love and ultimately joyful. It is a film of deep Catholic sensibility which knows suffering is the lot of every human being as a result of the fall and sees it for what it is: a participation in Christ’s suffering and a way to become transformed and ultimately redeemed by it. Not everyone is ready to accept such a radical truth. But for those who have eyes to see, the film is remarkable and beautiful study of the “awful grace of God” as it unfolds in one woman’s life. Marie Hass | Salinas

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