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Monterey City Council wants to take away the parking for the Airbus riders in downtown for affordable housing (“Monterey officials eye four city-owned properties for a future affordable housing project,” Sept. 12-18). Where are riders going to keep their cars? Marilyn Galli | via web

There’s no parking downtown. This is a ridiculous idea. Jackie Donangelo Garza | via Facebook

Monterey County and all of California is having a severe housing crisis. I love this simple but creative idea and I hope everyone can get behind it! Since we are not having a parking crisis I’m sure everybody will understand what our priorities have to be. Leigh Fitz | Monterey

Kudos to Monterey officials for trying to bring affordable housing to downtown Monterey. This is much needed, for the local low-paying hospitality workers who serve Monterey. Chris Sierra | via Facebook

Powering Up

I hope my Supervisor John Phillips supports this project (“Moss Landing mega battery project faces environmental challenge from union group,” Sept. 12-18). San Francisco lawyers, you have lots of other fish to fry squaring away your city! Mark Boos | via Facebook

The rape of the landscape in the pursuit of sustainable energy sources continues. The good news is this time it’s only a 42-acre footprint.

It seems to me ironic that there is so much public and government support for wind and solar energy sources around Monterey Bay, but no significant generating farms here. The incessant on-shore blow at Moss Landing would certainly provide a turbine sustainable environment for generating power.

The good citizens of Monterey and Santa Cruz counties love the notion of renewable energy as long as it’s in someone else’s yard. Maybe they justify the scarring of the landscape and find the mutilation of thousands of birds an acceptable price to pay for clean energy. As long as all that is ugly about wind and solar happens elsewhere, we’re good with that. Gerald Kergan | via Facebook

School Days

[I am] a parent of a student whom I moved from a school close to me for many reasons: The first was that he was physically bullied for being “different.” Second, because the school was a majority Hispanic, the curriculum was geared toward language and not much else. They had math once a week. My son was already advanced for his age so I had no choice but to move him. There’s more to things, it isn’t always so black and white (“Squid observes the colorblindness of concerned Salinas parents,” posted Sept. 9). Lisa Perdue | via Facebook

Homeschooling is what some of us parents are choosing to do nowadays as the alternative. What better way to ensure that kids are loved, accepted and taught the way you believe they should be taught? Taking matters into our own hands, protecting our children from bullying, growing up too fast and being exposed to racism and discrimination – that’s how. Let them be kids as long as possible. Best decision I have ever made was to homeschool, going on my fourth year. Classes with 30 kids per one teacher, how much effective teaching can really occur? School budgets are cut yearly, poor teachers are buying school and class supplies out of their own pockets. The education system is broken and politicians don’t care. Cristina Jackson | via Facebook

Got Class

So excited, so many positive changes! Good news for the music department which is expanding and growing and exciting support! (“Monterey Peninsula College reaches deal with faculty union for three-year contract with raises,” posted Sept. 13.) Sherry Lessen | via Facebook

In a Fog

Professor Dan Fernandez has been a leader for this initiative for quite a few years (“Pentagon funds research on harvesting water from fog at CSU Monterey Bay,” posted Sept. 11). Happy to hear he got the Pentagon to support this effort! Sharon Sarris | via Facebook

Professor Fernandez presented at Authors and Ideas Festival a few years back and it was fantastic. I think about his work all the time. Good for him, great news! Doug Mueller | via Facebook

Lights Up

Squid tells neighbors to get with the Monterey High football stadium plan, but the plan is outrageous! (“Squid Fry,” Sept. 5-11). It includes 42 LED lights on four light poles, 70-93 feet high, and the addition of 524 seats to the stadium while eliminating parking spaces. This would cause parking to spill into the neighborhood which has narrow streets and no sidewalks. This is a quiet, residential neighborhood for many blocks on three sides of Monterey High School.

Spending $12 million for this project is not what the voters had in mind when they voted for a bond measure for infrastructure in schools needing repairs and improvements. The use of the new stadium will not be limited to MHS sports but MPUSD will be required to rent the facility to anyone willing to pay.

Weekly‚ let’s see some investigative reporting on this issue. You can do better than snark in Squid Fry. Beverly Bean | Corral de Tierra


A story about a proposed Tesla battery project in Moss Landing misstated the battery area size (“Moss Landing mega battery project faces environmental challenge from union group,” Sept. 12-18). It is 4.5 acres, not 42 acres; the project area is 42 acres, but would not be fully developed.

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