Poll Position

Oh that’s nothing! (“Squid takes a poll position on a new Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital bond measure waiting to be born,” posted Dec. 2). Check out the salaries of the CEO of Midpen Housing (the nonprofit that just built $90 million, 90-unit low-income apartment complex in Chinatown (hint, it’s more than a half-million per year) or the CEO of nonprofit Downtown Streets Team raking in a cool $250,000-plus, and the local team leader making $60,000 supervising homeless “volunteers” who are compensated at the rate of $5 per hour in (wait for it!) donated gift cards! I got that survey from SVMH too and made it plain I’d never approve that wasteful bond measure; it’s definitely a no. I guess it’s time to start a nonprofit, install ourselves as execs and begin raking in the dough. Trish Sullivan | via Web

Night at the Museum

The only reason I’d ever gone into the museum was its location, then after that I’d made it a point to, as it was convenient to downtown and other events/ locations (Monterey Museum of Art board fractures over decision to relocate to La Mirada, Nov. 28-Dec. 4). I don’t see taking my family to the La Mirada location. I believe there are many families like mine, busy, who get to the museum because its location is convenient, and easy to access. Jennifer Schmidt | via Facebook

Not sure about this decision. It’s a great location on Pacific Street, lots of visibility and when people are downtown walking around, it’s right there. $1 lease from the city is great, plans to spend money on a new location, why? Who is making these decisions. Time for a board change. No wonder people quit. No one wants to be shuttled to the museum for visits or events. The board should put this out in the public and have folks respond. Ask the public what they think. If you have money to buy land, just use that money to fix the Pacific Street location. Why hide the art museum up the hill? And I’m sure folks who live around that spot won’t like this either.Joyce Porter | via Facebook

Friday Night Lights

They had a great season and are still the best football organization, period. (“Salinas High’s football team had their eyes on a win at the playoffs. Then the dogs came in,” Nov. 28-Dec.4). You think you couldn’t find the issues in some other school. John Chobanian | via Facebook

Well when you sign a drug free contract with the school district that’s the way it goes! Not only did they let their teammates down, but learned a lesson in “We before me.” Andrew Parolini | via Facebook

Schools and school parking lots are now subject to random “surprise” searches using a K-9. Please tell me this isn’t happening. David Olmos | via Facebook

Apartment Hunting

I live on Figueroa. My home is actually the last residence on that block (A plan for more apartment buildings faces vote at Monterey City Council, Nov. 28-Dec. 4). I’m fine with the proposal, as long as they honestly consider parking for the increased population. The current spots that occupy the area next to Jack’s Park would need new designation. From current (no time limit) to something that dissuades long term occupation. Anthony Crivello | via Facebook

Jimmy Thing

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The recent negative ad released on Congressman Jimmy Panetta is unwarranted (“Squid bets on the agenda behind a union PAC ad slamming Jimmy Panetta,” posted Nov. 25). What is the problem? He and others are being thrown into the midst of an ongoing labor dispute. It is the longest ongoing labor dispute in the Las Vegas area and has been going on for many years. In spite of workers voting for union representation in six of the Stations Casino properties, management has filed appeals at three of the casinos and has stalled negotiations at three more. We may never know the strategy being carried out by UNITE/HERE, the union which represents workers within the industry in Las Vegas, but their approach to link an isolated local labor dispute with national legislation is a stretch, one that victimizes our congressman and supporters of the legislation. I hope the workers and the union are successful in bringing justice to the jobsites but encourage them to take a more informative and less accusatory approach.Ron Chesshire | via Web

(Editor’s note: Ron Chesshire is the former CEO of the Monterey/Santa Cruz Counties Building and Construction Trades Council.)

There’s plenty of good reasons to slam Jimmy Panetta based on his record without this arcane ad buy. Scott Cunningham | via Facebook

The Color of Water

The options aren’t just dig deeper into unsustainable groundwater basin or squeeze more water out of rivers (“With the future of the Monterey Peninsula’s water supply – and water utility – on the line, we take a look back at how we got here,” Nov. 28-Dec. 4). What about recycling and reclaiming more water (e.g., storm water, waste water, ag runoff)? Conserve more? Have a different pricing mechanism for drinking water versus water for landscaping? Allocate water to properties based on fair use? Michael DeLapa | via Facebook

Pie Oh My

Nice, and timely, article (“Burning Question: Which pie is better, pumpkin or sweet potato?” posted Nov. 22) I’d heard of sweet potato pie for many years, but never had one until my neighbor made one for me during the holidays a few years ago. WOW, one of the best tasting pies I’ve ever had. Count me as a sweet potato pie devotee. Derek Dean | via Web

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