Fire Side

I have a wild suggestion for this country, born out of a recent personal experience with the firefighters who have come to this area – what kind, thoughtful, helpful and courageous heroes they all are!

In this time, when we are bombarded daily with the bad news of crisis in the nation’s police departments, why not get firemen to share their compassionate training with the police? Better yet, get the two departments to share what both do well and train each other so that both improve? While we’re at it, why not bring our troops home from far and wide, and let them train with those firefighters and police, so that all the men in women in service of this vast nation could really simply do that – serve this country here – rather than far away? Kristin Ramsden | Carmel Valley

I hope they find who did this (“Soberanes Fire started by illegal campfire at state park,” posted Aug. 2). All this destruction, a life lost, and it’s because of this. Unacceptable. Robin Ryan | via Facebook

Road Rage

Please retract this “invitation.” (“Evacuation order spread to Big Sur, Highway 1 remains open,” posted Aug. 7). Nobody needs tourists down there clogging up the highway. Please keep the highway clear for firefighters and those fleeing the flames. Kimberly Rousseau | via Facebook

Highway 1 should be closed to tourists! Sheri Rocha | via Facebook

There is a mandatory evacuation, businesses are closed, and yet they are allowing tourists to drive down. Why? Bill DeBolt | Big Sur

Home Goods

Seems more like a worldwide thing and not just Salinas (“How a Salinas housing crunch is affecting thousands of residents,” Aug. 4-10). Rent is going up everywhere, and people cannot afford it. It’s the human condition in 2016. Gregg Heuson | via Facebook

I suddenly feel thankful to be paying 51 percent of my income for 986 square feet in a 30-year-old apartment complex! Stef Helbock Pummell | via Facebook

Gentrification. Thomas Woodruff | via Facebook

Birth control is free at Planned Parenthood. Having 10 kids is a personal choice. Choose wisely. Nadia Benitiz | Seaside

Renter’s Remorse

If it’s your property and you want to rent it out, that’s your call (“Monterey studies whether to allow renting out secondary units,” Aug. 4-10). Makes your mortgage more affordable and helps with housing for college students and other people working jobs that don’t pay extravagant amounts that would allow us common folk to afford a house. Jonny Cameron | via Facebook

The only issue I see is street parking. Otherwise, I think it would be the first good idea that has come from Monterey City Council in a VERY long time. Valentina Rosendeau | via Facebook

We need to figure out how to do this while taking into account parking. Alan Haffa | via Facebook

Editor’s note: Haffa is a Monterey city councilman.

There is no affordable housing on the Peninsula! Landlords are price-gouging. Perhaps opening up additional units would create some breathing room. When a studio in lower Seaside is going for $1,200/month, that is ridiculous. Sandi San Martin | via Facebook

Surreal News

That’s worth a trip to Monterey! (“A look inside the new Dali17,” Aug. 4-10.) Stephanie Johnstone | via Facebook

On the KUSP

About two-thirds of NPR stations are licensed to, or are affiliated with, colleges or universities (“KUSP’s demise should be a wake-up call for all of us,” Aug. 4-10). The remaining third are governed by community-based boards. Some stations are operated jointly with public TV stations. While independent is always a good idea, it’s often not sustainable financially, as we saw in our area. George Machun | Marina

Editor’s note: Machun is director of communications for CSU Monterey Bay; CSUMB’s foundation owns KAZU.

Trickle On

We didn’t need 2,000 pages to tell the locals something we knew years ago (“Monterey Downs’ final EIR confirms there’s not enough water,” Aug. 4-10). Jane A. Samz | via Facebook

There’s paper water! Tom Tessier | via Facebook

Smoked Out

Our National Forest lands are becoming a sanctuary for the cartel growers (“Fire crews scared off post in Los Padres National Forest,” posted Aug. 4). They know how to act all nice and innocent when they get caught. Adam Wachtel | via Facebook

I can’t believe they released those guys! Were they legal citizens? Did they have a right to be there? Kerry Berghuis McGehee | via Facebook

Legalize it. Tax it. Regulate it. And destroy these thug cartels! Tom DeBiase | via Facebook


A story about Monterey City Councilman Timothy Barrett’s involvement in amending the city’s housing element (“Monterey studies whether to allow renting out secondary units,” Aug. 4-10) incorrectly stated City Attorney Christine Davi provided an opinion at a March 23 meeting on his involvement. Instead, Monterey Principal Planner Elizabeth Caraker said state officials had reviewed the draft element and approval process, and found no violations.

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