Feel the Pain

People go there for acute issues which are often accompanied by pain (“Monterey doctor on probation for gross negligence after prescribing thousands of pain pills,” Nov. 7-13). Doctors are so scared to treat pain now and it’s a huge problem. Anna Fobian | via Facebook

Dr. Gilliam would spend an hour with my 96-year-old mother. Her other doctors wouldn’t give her the time of day. Pain management doctors are terrorized by the government – the same government that looked the other way while the Sackler billionaire clan banked truck loads of cash. He is a good doctor. Tom Tessier | via Facebook

He was the only doctor that actually listened to me when I was having panic attacks. I’m better now because of him. Danielle Gomez | via Facebook

Lots of people seem to really like Dr. Gilliam and because of that are willing to ignore or justify that he was a classic “pill doc.” And this is why we have an opioid epidemic. Yvonne Martinez | via Facebook

Tapped Out

Not sure what’s “perfect” about Coastal Luxury Management’s management of this place (“Cannery Row Brewing Company shuts down amid cash flow challenges,” posted Nov. 11). Running with one tap out of 70 or employees’ paychecks bouncing while one of the owners is in Paris. I hope the employees can find new jobs without getting behind on bills. Monterey, stop letting [CEO] Dave [Bernahl] ruin Monterey’s service industry people! Brenda Cahalan | via web

Jammed Up

I am from out of state and have traveled the coast several times over the past 20 years and have witnessed it become flooded with tourists, myself included (“Overwhelmed by crowds, Big Sur turns to the sustainable tourism movement for answers,” Nov. 7-13). I would have no problem paying for a pass or a toll if it meant keeping this stretch clean, safe and accessible by personal automobile. Josh Robinette | via Facebook

This makes no sense (“No, turning Highway 1 into a toll road is not an option,” posted Nov. 7 on Facebook). Highway 1 is a “main access point” for very few residents and business owners, and those residents/business owners can get a tag on their car to exempt them from the tolls, just like Pebble Beach residents do with 17 Mile Drive. And the part about “taxpayers already paid for the road” is not a valid argument either; taxpayers already paid for the Golden Gate Bridge, but the tolls are there to maintain that section of road.

Toll Highway 1 for non-residents. Provide exemption for residents and business owners. Use the toll funds to maintain the road and provide tourist services like restrooms and photo pull-outs. This is not rocket science, and if people are going to hide behind phrases like “it’s the law,” then change the law! Stef Helbock Pummell | via Facebook

As a 30-year Big Sur resident, I am witnessing increasing traffic along the coast. Things change. Only a gauzy nostalgia supports the likelihood of a return to a few months’ tourist season.

Strange how the Big Sur “Community” arranged a $150,000 Monterey County grant to study reducing traffic while the county, every local government, and Chamber of Commerce readily underwrite projects and promotions to increase visitation, all with the blessing of the Coastal Commission. Gerald Maupin | Big Sur

We need to get rid of the Coastal Commission, or at least reduce the power they have. Maryann Keeley | via Facebook

Art and Politics

Personally I think they are both great portraits (“Broaching topical and political subjects in painting has its risks in Carmel,” featuring portraits of presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump Nov. 7-13). Very different interpretations, but great nonetheless. Nate Gómez | via Facebook

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Art is meant to provoke. Allison Smith Lopez | via Facebook

Taking a Gulp

Love it when my 1-year-old gets the paper straw so wet she takes a bite of it and ends up choking on it. Not to mention the three straws I have to use for one Jamba Juice (“Pacific Grove goes big as City Council approved a ban on single-use plastics,” posted Nov. 6). Sandra Sampson | via Facebook

Instead of complaints perhaps purchase a reusable straw: bamboo, glass, aluminum, etc. Is the convenience of a few people really worth risking the environment for their own children, friends, future? Yes it’s an adjustment, but it’s small in comparison to the benefit.

There was a time that we did without all of these modern conveniences that we now have learned are hurtful to the future of our water, food sources, plate, health etc. Jennifer Schmidt | via Facebook

Shake Up

The coverage the Weekly gave this was incredible. This is such a serious issue. This guy had to go. I’m happy to hear this update!!! (“MILPA’s policy coordinator resigns after the Action Council investigates,” posted Nov. 5.) Robin Riain | via Facebook

In recent days I have seen two MILPA press conferences covered by KION-TV. In both cases, MILPA read a prepared statement and refused questions from the press in attendance. This is troubling. It seems to me that MILPA is being far from candid. Gerald Kergan | via Facebook

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