You already make so much – why be so greedy?!? (“As the Fort Ord Reuse Authority gears up to sunset, its staff is jumping ship,” July 25-31.)

“The announcement centered on [FORA Executive Officer Michael] Houlemard’s retirement. He wanted to leave by September but would be willing to stay through December under certain conditions: that he be allowed to work remotely three days a week; that he be given 20 additional days of paid leave; and that he receive reimbursement of medical insurance premiums until June 30, 2021. (Houelmard’s 2017 wages and benefits totaled $342,022).”Robin Chalone | via Facebook

Absolutely deplorable. Another scenario like water, where those with the least “skin in the game” have often been the biggest supporters of this bloated and wasteful bureaucracy. What started out as a good idea has been an abysmal failure due to a lack of legitimate oversight and accountability. Houlemard would likely have been terminated years ago in a bureaucracy held responsible for its’ actions. Greg Furey | via Facebook

Are we supposed to weep? These people have epitomized the trough-feeding, foot-dragging mentality that infects California pols, staff and their hires. Lots of noise and little accomplished. The sweetheart deal mentioned in this article is typical when organizations lose principle for self-interest. Curt Chaffee | Seaside

Proper Punishment

So there is no accountability for the child and his parents (“10-year-old boy admits to sending bomb threat as prank at Carmel’s Sunset Center; because of his age, there will be no criminal charges,” posted July 24). When we ask ourselves what is wrong with society, we have only ourselves to blame. Tricia Priestley | via Facebook

I was there, seated in the front row in the foyer of the Sunset Center when the evacuation was announced. The financial impact was/is significant. The boutique shop was closed by the evacuation; sales were lost. The festival ticket office is located at the Sunset Center as well. It was closed for the hours required by officers to clear the building.

Carmel has a small police force of a size to suitably serve the approximately one square mile of that city. An event of this nature taxes that small department to its limits.

This child was sophisticated enough to use an app on his smart-phone to spoof a phone number to cover his tracks. Clearly confirming that he was fully aware that what he was about to do was wrong. Gerald Kergan | via Facebook

Prank calls are what kids do. Hilary LeFort | via Facebook

Practical Jokes: 2019 Edition.

Glad that the response was free of charge to everyone except for the taxpayers. Austin Palacios | via Facebook

Party Preference

What does party even mean anymore? Both parties are so extreme that they no longer represent the values of the majority. They serve as shorthand for division, tribalism and hate (“Local Spin: Party affiliation can mean big ideas – or cynical campaign strategy,” July 25-31). Nadja Mark | via Facebook

[Salinas City Councilmember and candidate for county supervisor Steve] McShane with the Republican Party helped pass Prop. 8, the ban on same-sex marriage. He voted against making Salinas a sanctuary city. We the voters aren’t fooled. District 4 will always remember the Republicans trying to take away our shores and build hotels on the freeways! David Hernandez | via Facebook

“Maybe” does not cut it for our region. We need leaders who are consistent, with clear goals, whose current and past work reflects their vision for Monterey County and our residents. We do not have time for wishy-washy positions of convenience with regard to social justice, women’s rights, LGBTQ and environmental policies. The time of self-serving representatives on our Board of Supervisors is over. [County supervisor candidate] Wendy Root Askew is authentic and her consistent work reflects her beliefs. Jenny McAdams | Pacific Grove

Editor’s note: McAdams is a member of Pacific Grove City Council.

McShane promotes right-wing ordinances like criminalizing homeless and anti-RV law. Everything he does on [Salinas City] Council is in lockstep with the right wing. Tom Tessier | via Facebook

All politicians are self-serving. Our democracy is not a pure democracy. All the people cannot vote on every single decision to be made. It’s a republic where we have congressmembers and city councilmembers that we elect to do our bidding. So our elected officials need not grow a brain. Just do what your constituents elected you to do… that is to do OUR bidding. Your big donors can’t buy you votes; they help you buy air time and ad space.

Voters: do your research. McShane: Keep developers out of Abbott Street. Ernie Tong | via Facebook

Local politics should be free of party partisanship. Leave that crap in DC. Scott Cunningham | via Facebook

Bridge Traffic

Agree with your assessments (“The best part of Season 2 of Big Little Lies is that it’s over,” posted July 22). Season 2 was a little tedious. So glad those poor characters won’t have that long commute across Bixby Bridge anymore. Raymond Napolitano | Tampa, Florida

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