Moving On Out

Glad the fee was rescinded (“CSUMB walks back on sneak dorm fee after students stage demonstration,” posted Nov. 4). Many students could end up homeless during the winter breaks… actually, on any break! No dorm fees to stay ever!! Pamela Reese | via Facebook

This is a long-standing tactic CSUMB employs! As a pioneer student from 1995 I know the game all too well! Students need to be alert and available to protest in the summer; that is usually when CSUMB makes harsh decisions that impact students! Why? Because there’s not enough to fight the decision during the summer. Stay vigilant students! Kathryn Ramirez | via Facebook

Partake in the Feast

It’s time for a change! (“Tradition vs. inclusivity is at the center of a debate over P.G.’s Feast of Lanterns,” Oct. 31-Nov. 5.) Kim Schreiber | via Facebook

You left out two key words. “I want to know why the villain must be Chinese, especially in the town where the Chinese fishing village (was purposely) burned down.” Dan Baranowski | via Facebook

Honestly – it’s a FABLE! The “political correctness” is simply off the charts for me. Many Italians are portrayed as “gangstas,” la dee dah. Elaine Giampietro | via Facebook

Going with the Flow

Great work on the part of Mary Duan (“Local Spin: Desal drama takes a new turn toward the absurd at Monterey One Water,” Oct. 31-Nov. 6) and Squid (“Squid dives deep into the weird politics of recycled water vs. desalinated water,” posted Nov. 4) regarding the desal plant, one of my electeds – a man who has made his lack of ethics quite clear [Del Rey Oaks City Councilmember John Gaglioti, who also serves on the board of Monterey One Water] – and our water situation. That desal plant is bad news any way one looks at it, that is, if one cares about smart, sustainable water solutions, the environment and the people of Marina. Patrice Vecchione | Del Rey Oaks

Marina wants its beach back and we can help get it back for them. Cal Am has proposed installing six slant wells on the site where the Cemex plant is located, but the plant is scheduled to close in 2020. Marina wants to restore and enjoy its coastline and sand dunes.

The California Coastal Commission has written a report recommending denial of Cal Am’s desal plans (“Coastal Commission staff recommends denial of permit for Cal Am’s desalination plant,” posted Oct. 28) Add your support for Marina by calling, writing or attending the meeting in Half Moon Bay. California Coastal Commission: 45 Fremont St., San Francisco, CA, 94105; (415) 263-8500. Jean Donnelly | Pacific Grove

Workers’ World

I’m glad to hear that this bill includes incentives for farm worker housing (“Compromise immigration bill designed to stabilize the agricultural workforce is introduced,” posted Oct. 30). Massive ag companies need to be granted the permits to build housing on their own land, like Tanimura & Antle did, so that the 45,000 workers needed by Monterey County are not being crammed 15 to a 1,000-square-foot rambler like they are in Salinas. Stef Helbock Pummell | via Facebook

Power Plays

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I found this report a tad unbalanced and overly headline jumping, resulting in an unfair portrayal of an organizational member of our community trying to work on nitty-gritty challenges at level that includes necessarily “downstream” approaches (“Northern California’s most notorious prison and street gang has infiltrated a Salinas nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing community leaders,” Oct. 24-30). Does every intervention work out? No, but the beauty of this organization is the bravery for it’s “high risk/high reward” intention. The kind of work MILPA endeavors requires ongoing community support, celebration and mentoring (admittedly difficult to humbly perform).

I appreciate the Action Council’s willingness to help with the necessary investigation of procedure. I also believe the entire community needs to be there ready to offer a hand to “help up” a slipping colleague. Recovery has always been two steps forward, one step back. The healers among us know that. John E. Silva | via web

I read the article twice and honestly couldn’t find any proof provided that MILPA was either intentionally “infiltrated” nor “taken control of by a Norteño gang.” Evidence provided shows that some members of MILPA were still loyal to and categorized by police as Norteño gang associates. But no real proof given that they controlled MILPA. Many of the bios of MILPA employees and volunteer members cited in the article refer to criminal activity that occurred by these individuals many years ago, hardly relevant now, unless one believes that once a criminal always a criminal. Gary Karnes | Pacific Grove

Filling Up

Michelle’s Soul Food Kitchen is an amazing gem. Soooo good (“Michelle’s Soul Food Kitchen brings the flavors of the South to Seaside,” Oct. 24-30). Gina Bianchi | via Facebook


A story (“The number of people nabbed by ICE officers in Monterey County is decreasing,” Oct. 31-Nov. 6) referred only to volunteers with the Monterey County Rapid Response Network. Adriana Melgoza volunteers with Rapid Response as a hotline dispatcher. Deb Clifford volunteers with the Immigration Task Force, which funds the hotline and is responsible for the Rapid Response database and printing and distributing supporting materials.

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