Two Doctors, One Python

There are many of us who treasure this woman, and are sad for her, allowing her life taking such a course (“Convicted Monterey gynecologist gets to keep medical license,” Dec. 22-28). I personally am grateful that her skill as a physician will still be available to the women of our community. Carol A.Stollorz | via Facebook

How is that her cheating husband has no remorse and claims his practice has been affected by this? Double standard. Jody Hutchinson | via Facebook

She should be held to a higher standard considering hairdressers and contractors lose their licenses for much lesser offenses. I’m thinking she should be grateful and chalk it up to a Christmas miracle that she gets to keep her license, instead of complaining about what the public is already aware of. She still has the opportunity to have a very nice life. Anna Masteller | via Facebook

Those professions have their license revoked because they do something that proves they can’t perform their job correctly. I’m pretty sure Dr. Brewster didn’t hurt someone’s vagina. Kristen Michelle Carlyle | via Facebook

Her ex should be grateful that she is working hard at trying to recover, her clients, practice, medical license, income, sanity etc. If his business has been affected, he needs to be accountable for the betrayal and infidelity he committed. The stress and pain of his affair is what ended their marriage and drove her to an irrational state. #CheatersPayAlimony Christine Wollman | via Facebook

Play Ball

Please come to Monterey! (“Professional baseball team considers coming to Monterey,” posted Dec. 20.) So awesome! Tom Gregory | via Facebook

No don’t! If they come, other people will follow and they might like it here and want to live here and there would be no water because the no-growth won’t let us have desal… LOL… but not. Dino Boland | via Facebook

This would so rule! Roberto Antonio Maceira | via Facebook

High and Low

This is why drug prevention and professional addiction treatment facilities are so important (“In a drug-addled rage, a man allegedly kills his mother, Dec. 15-21). Nadia Besnas | via Facebook

Dance Revolution

I originally wanted to learn ballet as a typical Russian 5-year-old living in Moscow, but my mom didn’t let me start until I was 7 (“A local ballet school carries its founder’s spirit into the next generation,” Dec. 15-21). We moved to California about six months later, and found Ballet Fantasque. Despite the traditional ballet culture that pressures dancers to look a certain way, the girls I danced with were never catty and were always supportive of each other. But the heart, the leadership, the magical spirit came from Kira and Milou.

When I started dancing with them, Kira was already in her 90s. She pushed us to our limits and did the splits when none of us could! It really spoke to her character and her spirit. She was a classical dancer through and through. Every correction she gave was not only to impart perfecting the art of the dance, but the soul of it, the motivation behind it. She fed the fire in my heart for wanting to feel like a dancer, even if I didn’t always look in the mirror like I imagined in my head.

They were not the kind of teachers you ever wanted to disappoint. People who are not part of the world of dance do not necessarily understand how much discipline and mental work goes into pushing yourself to your limit, physically and emotionally. There can be a lot of mental barriers to becoming an amazing dancer. I was very privileged to dance under their collaborative instruction. Anna Dobrohkodova | Seaside

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The Short of It

I was pleased to read that Carmel officials are cracking down on illegal short-term rentals (“Carmel prioritizes crackdown on illegal short-term rentals,” Dec. 15-21). It was challenged in court already, and the city WON at the Superior Court level. Short-term rentals are wrong on so many levels. First it is illegal, and secondly, unless there is a zoning change or a change to the General Plan, R-1 means residential occupancy, not commercial. That is what a nightly rental is… a commercial business in the middle of a neighborhood. When short-time renters come to town, they are ready to party, and not take their kids to school and go to work like the rest of the families.

Unfortunately, Carmel has to pay a lot of money to pursue court cases to bring the landlords to justice. Everyone knows, or should know, their home territory and what is occurring in their neighborhood. We could all make it more simple and less expensive for Carmel officials by simply turning in the names and addresses of the people who are going against the law. Cheri McCarty | Carmel

Frack Attack

California has the not-in-our-backyard attitude! (“California sues feds over offshore fracking,” posted Dec. 21.) A state that has no real mass transit. A state with clogged highways in every county. Where do you expect to get all that overpriced gasoline? Richard Finetto | via Facebook

Fracking should be banned everywhere! There are better, smarter resources to be used that don’t threaten our very existence. Fracking benefits corporate greed, not the people. Dave Sinor | via Facebook

Plunder not the grace of Nature. #GreedisIrresponsible. Linda Topperton | via Facebook

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