Tribe and Tribulation

Glad to hear it but hope it won’t become a casino (“The Esselen of Big Sur are landless no more, thanks to a $4.5 million state grant,” Oct. 10-16). Scott Cunningham | via Facebook

“[Tom Little Bear] Nason said the tribe will conduct rites of passage and birthing ceremonies on the ranch. The tribe will also be able to bury its dead there, and repatriate the remains of tribal ancestors. The only public access to the property will be through docent-led tours on a handful of occasions each year. ‘We are not commercializing this property,’ Nason adds. ‘There will be no tourism.’” Cathy Heape | via Facebook

The deal is not finalized yet but let’s hope it goes through! Love land conservancies! Nicola Cusati | via Facebook

Jailing Jailers

What the hell is going on? The first guy was arrested once and they let it go. Not good (“Second former Monterey County Sheriff’s Deputy arrested in alleged sexual assaults of female inmates,” posted Oct. 8). Kat Deering | via Facebook

Thank you for posting their pictures quickly. Anita Norco | via Facebook

Not a Happy Ending

Legalize it, tax it, regulate it (“Monterey shuts down a massage parlor over violations and suspicious practices,” Oct. 10-16). Tom DeBiase | via Facebook

Good! Fifteen years ago the first ones popped up. Then it festered like cancer and 30 popped up everywhere. You can’t tell who’s legit. You’re thinking, this is a nice foot rub place, when a guy in another room is getting a blow job! They should have gotten on this a long time ago.Ashley Marie Hernandez | via Facebook

Street Sweep

I often buy flowers or other items from street vendors (“A crackdown on unpermitted street vendors at a busy Salinas corner also stops legal sales,” Oct. 10-16). I wish we had more permits for more vendors. Permits are expensive.

Imagine making your living like this. It’s hard work. As a kid I remember on Sundays we would go a different way home to get a bag of oranges for lunches for the week. Alma was the name of the kind-hearted lady, we knew her for many years. I wish people would see these vendors as hardworking people providing an honest service. Kymmberlee Navarrette | Salinas

Shopping Centered

Who could disagree with wanting an “enjoyment” or “gathering” area with “a fire pit, seating areas, bocce ball courts and brightly colored umbrellas?” (“Squid wonders how many ways Carmel Valley residents can say no to a proposed development,” posted Oct. 7.) How awful to think the developers want us to gather as a community! Something is odd about this survey, Squid. Yours may not be the only suckers around here… Daniel Lewis | Carmel

It would be interesting to see the survey results broken out by age bracket. Michael Grattan | Salinas

Don’t forget about the long-time family business that could be forced out as well, didn’t see that mentioned. Corbin Dallas | via web

Out of the Dark

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We always had a great time at After Dark (“One-time proprietors of a Monterey gay bar reflect on what’s changed,” Oct. 10-16). They had “Straight Night” on Thursdays, but we went because the atmosphere was great, the music was fun and it was an all-around fun place. Barbara Willis | via Facebook

Way back in the day, After Dark was the best place to go dancing. The new owners of Pearl Hour are planning on bringing back the garden atmosphere to the patio. Toni Minerva | via Facebook

Water Logged

Not only does Cal Am stretch beyond its own jurisdiction to jeopardize Marina’s sole source of water, but their proposed desalination project will permanently damage environmentally sensitive shoreline habitats and replace the Cemex property destined for conservation and recreation with yet another industrial plant (“Monterey Peninsula chief water counter says planned desalination plant far outpaces water demand,” Sept. 26-Oct. 2). Marina will receive not one drop of desalinated water, yet will be forced to provide precious groundwater for the Cal Am project. This is a classic example of environmental injustice. Did Cal Am believe Marina, like so many other disadvantaged communities, would not raise effective protests? This will create disharmony and distrust for any future water projects in our region. Kathy Biala | Marina

Sail Away

Stop what you’re doing and go see this movie on the biggest screen you can (“The Maiden, a famous yacht recently featured in a documentary, docks in Monterey,” posted Oct. 12). It’s fantastic, full of brilliant women.

My favorite scene is Angela Heath, describing the harrowing passage from Punte de Este to Freemantle. No spoilers here, but when she describes the epic seas nearly 30 years on, her eyes light up and she says she “LOVED” it. It’s the coolest, most badass bit of cinema in decades.Craig Malin | Seaside

Pick a Dumpling

OMG why don’t we know about this place?? We should try it! (“There’s nothing fancy about Dim Sum Inn, but the plates can bring unexpected moments,” Oct. 10-16). Lily Cadena | via Instagram

Great food! Beatrice Ortega-Bernardo | via Facebook

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