Trigger Finger

Are you kidding me? (“Dennis Alexander will not be criminally charged for firing gun in classroom,” posted June 4.) Dennis Alexander did not commit a crime by discharging a handgun in a classroom?? The District Attorney could not be more wrong here. Despite being a reserve police officer, Dennis also violated numerous rules and departmental policies.

Dennis then compounded his criminal behavior by not immediately reporting his unlawful discharge of this weapon to school/police officials. Also, Dennis did not immediately summon medical aid for the student who was struck by a piece of the bullet. Had I or any other regular joe behaved this way, we would, justifiably, be sitting in jail.

We all have the District Attorney to thank for the public’s justified skepticism with the notion that the law applies equally to everyone, particularly since his convoluted conclusion that “no crime was committed here” was reached after months of “investigation” for an incident where the facts were never in dispute! Michael Allford | Marina

Dozens of current and former students have come forward to support this good man who has mentored them during his long career of service as a math teacher and police officer. I know him very well. He screwed up, but he’s a very good guy. Can we skip the political crap and recognize him for the decades of good and not focus on a few minutes of accidental misjudgment? Brian Pratt | via Facebook

A truly good person would be accountable for their mistakes not exempt from them. Popularity should not trump justice. I’m sure there are a lot of people in prison right now, who are good in someone’s eyes, but they made mistakes and they are held accountable. They just don’t have friends working in the justice system pulling strings for them. Mary Vaughn | via Facebook

On the River

Nice article (“A journey down the Arroyo Seco River yields adventure – and a dog that rappels,” June 7-13). However, it doesn’t mention anything about all the trash people leave behind. Beer bottles, food scraps, dirty diapers, clothing. It’s worse in the day use area, but still bad upriver.Cassady Elischer | via Facebook

I wish this article had come with more caveats about wilderness stewardship – packing out your trash, for example, and especially fire safety in the backcountry. Big Sur and the Ventana Wilderness have enough trouble as it is without publicizing this kind of “adventure” without being super clear about what the rules, regulations, and respectful norms are. Ivy LaVelle | via Facebook

Bases Loaded

Great game! Love having the Amberjacks back in season (“The Monterey Amberjacks are back, despite a new law that may undercut independent minor league baseball,” June 7-13). Aaron Howell | via Instagram

Elections, Continued

Of course Regina Gage has the right to discuss what John Phillips has done and not done during his career in public service, but the problem with her campaign was that allegations against Phillips without proof and evidence could not overcome her lack of experience and preparation for such an important public position (“District 2 Supervisor John Phillips wins re-election bid against challenger Regina Gage handily,” posted June 5). The Weekly should be credited for smelling this out with its recommendation to re-elect Phillips. George Lentz | via web

My most sincere gratitude to every single voter who showed their faith in the future of MPUSD! (Voters pass MPUSD’s $213 million bond for infrastructure,” posted June 5.) We are going to do great things together! Thank you so very much! Wendy Root Askew | Marina

Editor’s note: Askew is on MPUSD’s board.

I want to thank Monterey County Weekly and the people of Monterey County for endorsing my campaign. I am honored to continue to serve and humbled by the support shown for my re-election.

I must also say I am disappointed the Weekly did not find the positions of Monterey County Assessor/County Clerk/Recorder or Auditor/Controller worthy of mention with their election results coverage. The hard work performed by these county departments flies under the radar; however, this does not mean their functions are not critical to the well-being of the people that we serve. The Assessor’s Office will, later this month, close a tax roll that will generate over $625 million in revenue for school districts, fire districts, county and city governments, plus a wide variety of special districts. This is the result of countless hours of work, and sincere efforts to best protect and serve this remarkable county. I can only hope, in the future, the media will bring due attention to the important roles of these departments. Stephen Vagnini | Monterey

To Ashes

I’m just happy the employees are safe (“Four injured after car crash ignites fire at McDonald’s in Seaside,” posted June 5). That McDonald’s has the nicest employees! Marcy Hernandez | via Facebook

My heart goes out to the injured. Thank you to our first responders. Janet McPherson | via Facebook


A photo caption in a story (“The Monterey Amberjacks are back, despite a new law that may undercut independent minor league baseball,” June 7-13) misidentified a photo. It did not show not Paul Garcia swinging at the final pitch of the night, but a batter earlier in the game.

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