Homing In

I live two doors down from the site of this exceptional proposal (“A 40-unit housing project faces Monterey’s planning process – and neighbor criticism,” May 30-June 5). I own a condo in a 29-unit, three-story complex that abuts single family houses. I and my neighbors endorse this well-designed, mixed-use project as consistent with the North Fremont Specific Plan, which allows for three stories. The developer has bent over backwards to accommodate all of the concerns of the residents of the Casanova Oaks Knoll neighborhood, yet they continue to nitpick. The developers have designed an aesthetically pleasing building with soundproofing and privacy measures for the six residents whose backyards abut this property.

Residents of Casanova Oak Knoll should be careful what they wish for. If they continue to shoot down every viable proposal for the four empty lots on the corners of North Fremont, Airport Road and Dela Vina, we will end up with gas stations or hotels on every corner at best, or at worst, continued empty lots and blight. Kala Fossum | Monterey

Editor’s note: Fossum is president of the Villa del Monte Neighborhood Association.

Yes, YIMBY. Liz Heller | via Facebook

This project and the next one on Garden Road in the Monterey pipeline will probably sail through the process since the city, region and state are so far behind in their housing goals, but not without consequences. Twenty percent of new development in the city must be “affordable.” Allowing 80 percent to be market rate is gentrifying the area for investors, second-home opportunities and escapees from San Jose’s and San Francisco’s disastrous housing shortages.

Meanwhile, rents continue to rise while wages don’t. NIMBYs need to understand that workersalready here need housing and they should support renters here nowEsther Malkin | Monterey

Getting Housed

Finally (“Proposed homeless shelters in Seaside and Salinas are awarded funding as decision-makers allocate monies,” posted May 30). Liz Heller | via Facebook

While the work to assist the homelessness in Monterey County is laudable, with cities working together for a change, I don’t recall seeing what Sand City brings to the solution. Their coffers must be rich – no schools, no playgrounds, no library, no full-time fire department – where are the taxes? Elaine Giampietro | via Facebook

College and Class

Thanks to Mary Duan for shining the light on the MPC board’s sorry state of affairs regarding the full and immediate participation of Yuri Anderson and Natalia Molina without having to jump through additional hoops, as Trustee Loren Steck pathetically and illogically suggests (“Local Spin: A proposal to make women of color at MPC jump through hoops dies,” May 30-June 5). What part of “democratically elected” doesn’t he understand? Also, congratulations to those who stuck it out until finally allowed to speak on the issue. It is a typical and not surprising tactic of cowardly and unresponsive boards to delay speech on hot button issues until as late on the agenda as possible, hoping the speakers will go away (but they didn’t). This is all the more reason for continued housecleaning until the MPC board truly represents those it serves. I would suggest starting with Mr. Steck’s seat. Tom Lawson | Pacific Grove

This proposal should have died before it even was even printed on the wasted paper from his printer. Melissa Felkins | via Facebook

Wrecked Lives

Absolutely no excuse for this ever to have occurred, when Uber and Lyft are everywhere. Disgraceful (“Carmel teen sentenced to four years in prison for fatal car wreck while drunk,” posted May 29). Nicola Bradley | via Facebook

A slap on the wrist. She took a life with her irresponsible decisions. We need harsher punishments. What a sad day for the victims and their families. Marcy Castro | via Facebook

White-privilege sentencing. Gordon Smith | via Facebook

Sad for everyone involved. Bad decisions have bad consequences. Don’t drink and drive. Frances Morrow | via Facebook

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Under Par

If the Seaside Resort is depending on golf, they should scrap this plan (“Scaled down and delayed by developer deaths, the dream of Seaside Resort remains elusive,” May 30-June 5).Scott Cunningham | via Facebook

Snack Time

Been going there since 1965 (“El Estero Snack Bar is a prime place for comfort food on the go,” May 30-June 5). Brian T. Phelps | via Facebook

Best burger. Danielle Sapiens | via Facebook

Best snow cones. Analicia Casillas-Melendez | via Facebook

Best French fries!!! Anna Davi | via Facebook

Pasta Power

This place is delicious! (“Veteran Chef Soerke Peters brings the taste of Italy to Pacific Grove with Mezzaluna,” May 30-June 5.) Had my birthday dinner there, and it was a wonderful setting with great food. Definitely recommend! Jenna Hillhouse | via Facebook

This place is amazing!! Gluten-free pasta and gluten-free bread that tastes amazing! I will be going here as often as I can. Amber Hathaway | via Facebook

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