Literary Legacy Alive And Kicking

Where was the good news here? Were the positive remarks edited? It seems that a long list of local accomplished writers and poets were overlooked [“Literary Legacy Bankrupt?” Sept.6-12]. I’d suggest for an accurate summary of local poets publishing work about Carmel, Big Sur, Monterey, Pacific Grove and Santa Cruz, look up the Monterey Bay Poets Directory on line, or pick up a copy of The Monterey Bay Poetry Review. Or simply take a look around and listen.

Yes, there is a lot more to this area than golf courses. It is beauty that inspires. There is plenty of it here. All one has to do is shut up and listen.

The slam take on shouting out the issues at hand is tired. We all know President Bush is a fool. We all know the world is melting. But a positive take on this area from Mr. Thompson was surprisingly lacking. The reason this area is so beautiful is because of its nature reserves, its intense quiet. It is not a city. We all know that.

As for Mr. Toren’s remark (another surprise) about not having “the energy to give [new writers] the attention they deserve,” that is just tired. How much energy could it possibly take?! I could have listed at least a dozen local writers off the top of my head that could have benefited from the plug. A little positive energy in the publishing and poetry world is what is really needed. That kind of support starts with positive word of mouth and encouragement.

If we want positive change here, let’s start by manifesting it! If we think in terms of a lack thereof, so will there be a lack thereof. —Bryant L. Clifford | Carmel

Fool Me Twice

As a former war supporter, I no longer have the confidence to believe much of what our present leadership is saying. Now that Gen. Petraeus has given the American people his assessment of the Iraq War, I am reminded of another famous General (then Secretary of State Colin Powell) who misled us into war. Since then, I learned as well to draw information from more autonomous sources such as: the GAO report (9/4/07); the NIE report (8/23/07); Jones Report (9/6/07); Associated Press report (9/6/07); Associated Press report (9/5/07); The New York Times (9/7/07); The Washing Post (9/11/07); ABC News (9/10/07); Los Angeles Times (9/10/07); etc. All these articles and reports give unenthusiastic views of the current Iraq quagmire.

President Bush used fear, lies, and trumped-up intelligence to stampede us into war. Given the fact that Petraeus conferred with the White House first, nothing has changed! Bush has once again cooked information in order to sell the surge and is using Petraeus to make a trumped-up case for “staying the course.” If Bush’s actions go uncontested, both innocent Iraqis and Americans will continue to pay a horrendous price.

I am reminding the American people and Congress not to fall, ever again, for skewed intelligence. This is another shrewd attempt to head off the emerging grass-roots momentum for a sensible exit strategy from Iraq! —Darryl Donnelly | Pacific Grove

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Fixing A Sick System

With the budget passed, lawmakers are now anxious to deal with other issues. When it comes to health care reform, however, taking the right route is more important than taking the quickest path. Unfortunately, if Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez and Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata have their way, California will be moving rapidly toward health care disaster, not reform. Their vehicle for reform, however, Assembly Bill 8, will probably increase the cost of health insurance, reduce competition among insurers, and drive down workers’ wages. In their haste to pass a health care reform bill – any health care reform bill – the Legislature is likely to do more harm than good. We can help all Californians get health care coverage without destroying a system that works well for millions of us. The California Association of Health Underwriters has put forward a reform plan, Healthy Solutions, which does just that. A copy of this plan and more details on AB 8 are available at There are real problems in today’s health care system and they need to be fixed. The Legislature should take the time required to get health care reform right. —Jim Goodacre II | Carmel


In “Street Talk,” [Sept. 13-19] the photograph of Gerard Bechler was placed with the comments of Alan Marshall. The Weekly regrets the error.

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