Sweet Sound of Sunset

You can hear the harpsichord, the tenor singing behind the orchestra, the two flutes in the Brandenburg Number 4 and all of the chorus and Orchestra. Oh my!

I speak of the first music played in the acoustically rejuvenated Sunset Center by the Bach Festival Orchestra, soloists and chorus on July 19. So come one, come all to The Heavenly Music Center and hear this grand success.

Ed Leeper | Monterey.

You Can't Come Home Again

Thank you for your recent coverage of the affordable housing crisis on the Monterey Peninsula, and especially for your coverage of the recent hearing and lawsuit regarding the mammoth scam being perpetrated by the Seaside Highlands project.

A fourth generation Monterey an (my great-grandfather happened to be mayor of Monterey) and I have lived elsewhere for many years. I would love to return to my home turf and contribute my many years of experience and skills garnered working with not-for-profit organizations to Monterey County. But the question of housing costs always gives me pause. And I know there are many other locals in the same boat, kids who grew up in Monterey and nearby towns and can no longer afford to live there.

A community that does not have room for diversity and accessibility will lose its vitality and spirit. I applaud everyone in the Peninsula who is working to expand housing possibilities and look forward to a time when I, too, can afford to come back and live in my hometown.

Megan Whilden | Pittsfield, Ma.

It's The Oil, Stupid

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If the primary export of Kuwait had been soy beans, there would have been no Gulf War. Likewise, if Iraq's chief export were macadamia nuts, there would have been no US hot-to-trot invasion of that country.

The aim of this very dangerous game has been first, last and always, oil. The Administration's bobble heads are doing the green apple quickstep trying to defend the indefensible.

If the Oval Office had reliable intelligence that Iraq was indeed an imminent threat, as we were told; if they did in fact have hundreds of tons of WMDs ready to hurl at us; if Saddam was truly in cahoots with Osama and the 9/11 fiasco--then why in hell didn't Saddam throw all his vast accumulation at the US when it invaded his bailiwick and threatened to destroy his regime and possibly his life? Did it ever occur to the Administration that Saddam's tossing out the inspectors and refusing to come clean was simply a reverse psychology tactic: The more he protested, the greater the likelihood that he had mountains of bad stuff ready to throw westward, when in fact just the opposite was true.

Why on earth would the US want to remain in Iraq for years fighting an insurgent force, sapping our military strength and national treasury, if there were not compelling incentive in store? How about the world's second largest proven reserves of petroleum? Is that incentive enough for an Administration top-heavy with 30W connections?

The folks around the president have cowed the Democrats and the rest of the nation by tossing out charges of un-Americanism whenever a voice dares to speak out against the ongoing travesty. It is true that you can fool a lot of the people all the time. The current polls bear this out.

Bill Cox | Marina

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