My name is Bobby Jaurigue and I am the Program Director of Genesis House in Seaside. I read the article called “Meth: A Life Sentence” [Cover, March 22-28] and I have to say I am deeply saddened.  I feel that what I said to Mr. Joseph was greatly misinterpreted and taken out of context. I do not recall making those comments to Mr. Joseph during our conversation last July.  

At that time he did not present himself as being a reporter for the Weekly, but as a student doing a documentary for his senior Capstone project at CSUMB. During our conversations, I became convinced that he intended to portray Prop. 36 and recovery in a negative light and, disagreeing with that, I declined to be further involved.  

His intention to let the public know about the difficult problem concerning methamphetamine addiction in Monterey County is noteworthy and I commend him for trying to do so; however, I do not believe that his status as a journalist gives him license to embellish the comments I made to him last July.

I believe that my 20 plus years working in the field of addiction treatment speak for themselves. What I read in that article made it sound as though I am against Prop 36 as a treatment option and left little hope for anyone trying to receive help for methamphetamine addiction. I believe that everyone who knows me and my commitment to the treatment of drug addiction knows that what was printed and the truth are two different things.

I am very supportive of Prop. 36 and have worked with many judges, probation officers, attorneys and social workers, as well as other treatment providers and court programs such as Drug Treatment Court and Deferred Entry of Judgment.  Despite Mr. Joseph’s irresponsible reporting, everyone who has worked with me knows that I am pro-recovery. —Bobby Jaurigue | Prunedale


Although I have never been known to be in the pocket of the “Good Old Boys,” I do take umbrage with Barry Dolowich, a Monterey resident, who likes to characterize himself as the “go-to guy” for the Pacific Grove City Council for anything financial.

Dolowich needs to be reigned in more than a tad when he gets to name-calling in the Weekly of folks like Don Gasperson [“Sour Gripes,” April 5-11]. Regardless of my differences with Don when I sat on the council, he has done many, many good things for this town. Mr. Dolowich, who as I mentioned does not even live in this town, and is not familiar with who has done what over the years, should have his wings clipped as the designated verbal hit man for the leadership on this council.

The blame game Dolowich loves to engage in as to who should have caught this complicated financial mess before it got to this state is a waste of time and energy which could be used for cleaning up this mess. Dolowich himself, who is a CPA, was long the chairman of the City’s budget committee and clearly did not know the full extent of the problem. He did not sound the alarm until recently and he has played a key role in the committee since day one.

My experience is that the council must rely to a large extent on the financial information it is given by staff. Most council-folk do not have the time or the expertise to go behind the numbers given to them. This has been true of the present council as well as those in the past.

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The answer is: Hire more reliable staff, which City Manager Jim Colangelo appears to be handling nicely. —Susan Goldbeck | Pacific Grove


No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation, which is up for reauthorization, needs drastic fixing and full funding. Recently, a delegation of teachers, school trustees, and superintendents from throughout Monterey County met with Rep. Sam Farr to encourage his support for fixing and full-funding for NCLB. We hope he will lead the charge for meaningful reform.

With unrealistic performance goals and under-funded mandates, one wonders if NCLB’s real intent was to undermine public education and the morale of educators, setting up schools for failure and eventual take-over and privatization. We urge Farr to make the necessary changes while there is time, before the American public school system becomes an offshore subsidiary of Dubai-based Halliburton. —Gary Karnes | Salinas

The writer is president of the Alisal Union School District Board of Trustees.

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