How about taxing the corporations that make high-fructose corn syrup drinks and over-processed foods? (“Bill Monning breathes new life into soda tax effort; industry fights back,” May 16-22, and “Do you think a soda tax is a good strategy for fighting the obesity epidemic,” posted May 17 to Facebook). If Monning really wants to help with the obesity problems, then perhaps he should start at the root of the problem. - Jenny Mac | via Facebook

No point in talking about taxing corporations that make high-fructose corn syrup when we subsidize the corn it’s made from. Effectively, U.S. taxpayers are funding the obesity epidemic. If no politicians are willing to risk votes in grain-growing states, why not a soda tax? If it’s OK to pick on tobacco and alcohol, let’s be real: Soda is killing more than both combined. - David Schmalz | via Facebook

People just need to make better choices and exercise more. But most people would agree that sodas today have an extremely unhealthy amount of sugar. Things that are unhealthy (cigarettes, and now soda) are bound to be taxed more. The question is whether this is effective at reducing consumption. I am guessing that people who are already aware about the health issues aren’t going to need the regulation to reduce their consumption of soda, and that those who tend to go regularly to McD’s or BK all the time (which is most of California) are going to ignore the marginally higher price of soda caused by the tax. - Colin Gallagher | via Facebook

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An educated consumer base, self-discipline, moderation, healthy habits and medical attention (when weight management becomes a hormonal/glandular issue) are the best way to combat obesity. But if the local government wants an excuse to raise revenue to pad their salaries using the “war on obesity” as an excuse, I’m OK with that for some reason. - Gabriel Skvor | via Facebook

No. We do not need government telling us what we can put in our bodies, or forcing things into our bodies without our consent. - Thomas Paine | via Facebook

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