Most of the facts Squid obviously obtained from Thom Akeman and Marge Brigadier were false (“Extra Helping of Squid: Pacific Grove harbor seal pups are cute and controversial,” posted May 6). I am all for marine mammal protection. Indeed, when I was on the Council I was the first one to get temporary signage during pupping season at Fifth Street beach. You know neither NOAA, the Coastal Commission nor the city of Pacific Grove endorsed the activities of these Bay Net folks. I checked. The city also did not get approval for the stuff it did down there, (permanent fencing, bench removal, etc.) and even Akeman disapproves of it. This is why a public process is so important. 

I simply brought the illegal signs, and only those posted on the 8th Street beach (where there are no seals pupping and never have been) to the council meeting to complain about them and ask that the matter be put on the agenda. 

When this comes up before the Coastal Commission in the fall you will learn that there are almost always unintended consequences when we let vigilantes carry the ball on these things. This is the situation here. Mayor Bill Kampe at the council meeting said the City found itself in an “awkward intersection”: allowing these unauthorized and unpermitted actions to take place by the City and these volunteers and now they have to go to Coastal after the fact trying to get approval.

There has never been any properly noticed action by the City to take any actions on any beaches in P.G. other than at Lovers Point, despite Squid’s claim to the contrary. In any event, I wanted to clear the air and give you some facts. By the way, did Squid ask Herr Akeman what data he bases all the facts he spouts and you printed, such as the claim that scads of seals died because of human intrusion, not to mention Susan Goldbeck taking down signs? - Susan Goldbeck | Pacific Grove

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Pension Problems

To see the Pacific Grove Taxpayers Association press release laying out how factually, in its opinion, the city attorney purposefully lost this case to help his true allies (not the city), the police, make a request at (“P.G. council bounces pension ballot initiative to court,” posted May 16). This type of collusion in the city attorney, the city manager and the unions is an almost-daily occurrence in Pacific Grove. To date, the unfunded pension bill is about $30,000 per home. In five years, $60,000, then $120,000. - PGTA | via Web

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