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Good afternoon. 

We’re going to be here for a while. By that I mean, life as it once was isn’t coming back anytime soon, and no one has a good estimate of when our favorite venues can open again. Even with vague guidance from the state and reopening proceeding in “phases,” the persistent rise of coronavirus cases both on a local and national level—and back-tracking on some reopenings—are signs we should remain cautious and vigilant.

That means staying put and following the recommendations of shelter in place as much as possible. It feels like regression sometimes, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

I joked with a friend on a socially distant walk one day that the world was going through “phases.” Everyone was cleaning the house one month, the next month they were all making raised garden beds. It was funny enough for me to watch as I scrolled through my social media feeds. But going through “phases” can also help us feel connected to each other as we move through this strange time. They can help people grow.

The kinds of long-term endeavors that people are engaging in are projects that take time and patience, resources that appeared to be in short supply in the Before Times. But there are no more excuses now. Nothing is truly calling us out of the house, regularly, leaving all the time in the world for starting up your own vegetable garden, trying out that no-knead sourdough boule recipe, or vision boarding (if you’re into that).

So maybe a bit of reframing is necessary. Being sheltered in place doesn’t mean being stagnant. Working and playing in the same environment (i.e. your living room) doesn’t mean you can’t change it up or rearrange it. Going to work at home doesn’t mean you can’t also work on your self-growth.

And maybe when something like a normal life resumes and a vaccine is found, you’ll look back at your “phases.” Yeah, you did that. You grew your own damn tomatoes and you ate them on bread you made while sitting in your newly rearranged kitchen.

-Marielle Argueza, staff writer, 

Marielle Argueza is a staff writer and calendar editor for the Weekly. She covers education, immigration and culture. Additionally, she covers the areas of Marina and South County. She occasionally writes about food and runs the internship program.

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