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Every day is a great day for biking, but the Sea Otter Classic is a cause for celebration. 

Good afternoon. 

Sara Rubin here, thinking about the joy of traveling around town on two wheels. Ever since I learned in a college class on energy (co-taught by a chemistry professor and a physics professor) that bicycling remains the most efficient form of transportation in terms of energy expended per distance traveled, I’ve been enamored with bicycling for that simple reason. It’s an old technology but still the best. 

There are tons of other reasons to love bicycling though. It’s a sport you can do wearing jeans, or even a dress and high heels, for one. Unlike some forms of exertion that require breaking a sweat, you can bike at a faster speed for a serious workout (and a chance to show off your neon spandex) or you can pedal at a leisurely, mellow speed. You also get a slower tour of places you might zip past in a car, making it a great way to get a scenic experience of a natural place (think Fort Ord National Monument, with miles of paved—carless!—roads and also single-track trails) or a neighborhood. Plus you avoid combustion of fossil fuels and that guilty feeling of contributing negatively to the climate crisis. You don’t have to be fit or have a certain body type to be a bicyclist—it’s for anyone at any speed and any age. 

For Mari Lynch, a local bicycling advocate, it’s mostly about the simple joy of biking. After moving to Monterey County from Santa Cruz in 1981, she took a few years off. She had young kids, and lived off Highway 68 where bicycling infrastructure is less than inviting. But then 12 years ago, she started bike commuting, and the feeling clicked. “I remembered why I loved biking so much, and just what a joy it is,” she says. 

A lot of people would be content just to keep on pedaling for their own commute (or their own joy). But Lynch started a website with one post—tips for tourists on how to bike around Monterey. Then she added a post with tips for locals (and tourists) on biking Monterey County. And 12 years later, Bicycling Monterey is a trove of knowledge, safety tips, need-to-know info on biking locally. 

Lynch has maintained the effort as a volunteer for 12 years, becoming a partner of the California Bicycle Coalition. And starting tomorrow, Oct. 7, she’s headed over to Laguna Seca for the annual Sea Otter Classic (after a one-year hiatus due to Covid) to see the latest and greatest in bike gear and bike fandom. (Check out tomorrow’s print edition of the Weekly for a guide to some of the races to watch at Sea Otter; for an update on the new ownership of this local festival, check out this recent post.)

While Sea Otter is a four-day-long festival—with races and also a huge expo with opportunities to check out new gear and ride some demo bikes—bicycling and bicycling advocacy is a thing that happens day in and day out. If you want to get involved in local bike advocacy work with ideas for infrastructure or safety improvements or anything, check in with Lynch. She’d love to hear from you. 

And happy biking. 

-Sara Rubin, editor, sara@mcweekly.com 


The overall increase in bike trips in the United States from 2019-2020. The growth was more dramatic (29 percent increase), however, when looking at weekend bike trips specifically.


Instead of going to the library, the library will come to you. Salinas Public Library has a new bookmobile, and will share its books with kids throughout the city. The mobile library was funded with the California State Library’s Share Vision Initiative grant and donations from the Monterey Peninsula Foundation.

Covid is here to stay. Our policy approach must be similarly long-term and wide-reaching. Read this opinion piece by Abdullah Shihipar.

“As much as I love flora, fauna and wildlife, I give humans more priority over animals.” Readers weigh in on the plans for Seaside’s Campus Town development, and more, in Letters to the Editor.


Melville Tavern Indoor, Patio Dining & Takeout Mon-Fri 11:30am, Sat & Sun Brunch at 10am. Happy Hour Sun-Thur 4-6pm 643.9525, 484 Washington St, Monterey.

Beach House at Lovers Point Indoor and Outdoor Dining plus Takeout Daily at 4:30pm. Click for menus/order. 375.2345, 620 Ocean View, PG.

Abalonetti on the Wharf Indoor & Outdoor Dining plus Takeout. Everyday 11:30am-8:30pm. Monterey's Best Calamari plus seafood, pasta & more. Click for menus/order. 373.1851

The Sardine Factory Indoor dining nightly at 5pm. Special Early Dinner Menu from 5-6pm. Click here for menus, details and reservations or to place a takeout order. 701 Wave Street, Monterey, 831-373-3775

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LOCAL INSPIRATION of the day. Tamara Selyangina, a watercolor artist who was born in Russia and grew up in Eastern Siberia near Lake Baikal, has been living in Monterey for almost 15 years. The county’s natural beauty contributes to Selyangina’s inexhaustible excitement and enthusiasm for painting. Her work can be seen through the end of October at the Venture Gallery in MontereySubmit your Local Inspiration(digital art, music, multimedia, video, etc.; please include the medium you’ve used, and note when and where it was created).

Need to wake up but want a little kick in your morning brew? Rosine’s on Alvarado in Monterey has released their fall drink menu and it includes options for spiked coffee. Choose from Bailey’s, Kahlua or RumChata to be added to a coffee with whipped cream on it.

Helping hands. Veterans transitioning from military to civilian life can get free help navigating VA benefits, job hunting, building a resume and more at the Marina and King City libraries.

Alvarado Street Brewery is hosting a party for the release of “Healing Habitats”—a collab beer with the Ventana Wildlife Society and Ventana Wilderness Alliance. The 7% Hazy IPA boasts, according to ASB, an “exceptionally pillowy mouthfeel.” The party happens at 7pm on Thursday, Oct. 7 in the brewery’s Monterey beer garden.


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The World Health Organization approves the first malaria vaccine, in a major breakthrough. The shot isn’t just a first for malaria — it’s the first developed for any parasitic disease, and it could save tens of thousands of children.
- New York Times, Oct. 6, 2021

NBA great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Jacobin: On Kyrie Irving’s Vaccine Refusal. Athletes like Irving aren’t making a “personal choice” by refusing the COVID vaccine — they’re jeopardizing the public health of all through their platforms.
- Jacobin, Oct. 6, 2021 


“Sun-powered orgasms are fantastic.” Why this woman went to live in a desert cave.

Here are 7 old-school interior design trends that so-called “Grandmillennials” are revitalizing.See the décor ideas that designers who love “granny chic” are bringing down from the attic.

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