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ETC. Photo of the day by Skydive Monterey Bay. Weekly staff photographer Daniel Dreifuss is seen flying above Monterey County with Christian Perez (above). Submit your best horizontal photos. (Please include the location where the photo was taken in the caption.)

Skydiving over the Monterey Bay provides an adrenaline rush—and incredible views.

Good afternoon. 

Staff photographer Daniel Dreifuss here. I am not usually one for writing, but recently I had an incredible experience that needed to be shared. 

Monterey County isn’t short on beautiful views. Whether on hikes and drives, this picturesque county is a sight. But the view from 18,000 feet in the sky, falling toward earth at 120mph? That is a whole new level. 

On Thursday, Sept. 30, I was awoken (per usual) by my puppy, Rio Oso Puppyface. I fed her and took her out and then I got dressed and set out for the Marina Airport. Once I arrived I was taken to an old hangar with a sign that read “Skydive Monterey Bay.” 

That’s right—despite my colleagues’ disbelief, I was going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

After signing some paperwork I was introduced to my instructor Christian Perez, a veteran who has been jumping out of planes for more than 20 years. I felt comfortable right away. He was very clear on safety instructions, hand signals and full of confidence and comforting words of wisdom. I was joined by three other jumpers from Hollister, only one of whom had ever skydived before. They were as pumped and ready as I was. Christian checked our harnesses one by one, and then we were ready to go.

There were 16 skydivers total that day and we went in groups—I was in the second jump group. As the first group got on the plane and took off, my group was loaded onto a bus and shuttled over to the landing area. We watched as the first group fell from the sky and floated down to the surface of Earth. There were smiles, cheers, high-fives and laughter all around from the first-time skydivers as they landed.  

Perez landed with his first jumper, grabbed another parachute and came over to ask if I was ready to go. I said yes and we got on the plane. It was a clear day and the views were amazing—I could see Santa Cruz and Big Sur as we ascended up to the jump height of 18,000 feet. Skydiving from this height would normally require an oxygen tank—most “civilians” jump from just 14,000. Skydive Monterey Bay can go higher, I was told, because the company has a Super King Air 200 airplane, which can reach 18,000 feet in just nine minutes, so no oxygen tank is required (insert science here). 

The 10-minute ride up felt pretty fast. Perez strapped to my back, did some safety checks and went over how to awkwardly walk to the door of the plane. 

And then it was time to jump! (And time to prove my coworkers wrong.) We got to the door of the plane to see our videographer/photographer Joey Allen (who is a member of Team Canada’s Skydiving team) hanging on to the side of the plane waiting for the signal from Perez.

Annnnddddd we were falling…Perez put us in a quick 360 looking up at the sun to watch that perfectly good airplane fly away. We leveled out, looked up and saw Joey recording. My adrenaline was pumping as we raced through the air—all in all the free-fall lasted for around a minute and a half at about 120mph.

Eventually, Perez gave me the signal to pull the ’chute. And with a soft tug, the parachute opened and we slowed. I took a deep breath, removed my safety goggles and enjoyed the steady pace all the way to the ground. The views were incredible, the adrenaline rush was unreal and the experience was unforgettable.

Skydive Monterey Bay provides video and still photos for skydivers—it’s an additional charge, but worth it. For more information, and to plan your own jump, check out their website.

-Daniel Dreifuss, staff photographer, daniel@mcweekly.com


The approximate speed at which skydivers fall to meet planet Earth after jumping out of an airplane with Skydive Monterey Bay


Monterey Bay Aquarium will require Covid vaccination proof or negative test starting Nov. 1. In lieu of vaccination the Aquarium will also accept a negative test result from within 72 hours of the visit. It must include the name, date and type of test. 

As dry times become a greater concern, taking full advantage of wet times becomes a greater priority. A plan to connect two reservoirs moves along but questions arise around funding. 

PacRep’s Julius Caesar takes the stage, with a mission to inform as well as entertain. For Director Ken Kelleher, it is the way the themes of this play “mirror” what is currently happening in politics that made him want to bring it before the Pacific Repertory Theatre’s audiences at the outdoor Forest Theater in Carmel.


Estéban Restaurant Indoor & Patio Dining,Take Out & Delivery daily from 4:30pm. Featuring Signature Tapas, Paella, & Seasonal Specials, Click for menus: 700 Munras Ave., Monterey, 831-375-0176

Melville Tavern Indoor, Patio Dining & Takeout Mon-Fri 11:30am, Sat & Sun Brunch at 10am. Happy Hour Sun-Thur 4-6pm 643.9525, 484 Washington St, Monterey.

Beach House at Lovers Point Indoor and Outdoor Dining plus Takeout Daily at 4:30pm. Click for menus/order. 375.2345, 620 Ocean View, PG.

Abalonetti on the Wharf Indoor & Outdoor Dining plus Takeout. Everyday 11:30am-8:30pm. Monterey's Best Calamari plus seafood, pasta & more. Click for menus/order. 373.1851

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LOCAL INSPIRATION of the day, Gordon Dill’s love of painting began when he was a child, when he’d watch with fascination as his mother painted. Now, Dill is a painter in his own right and the featured artist for October at the Salinas Valley Art Gallery. Submit your Local Inspiration(digital art, music, multimedia, video, etc.; please include the medium you’ve used, and note when and where it was created).

Artist Sharon Garber loves Monterey, but has found her inner goddess in Naxos, Greece. It all started with a photographic trip to Santorini in 2016.

There are few things as uplifting as musical theater. Pick a night and go see The Wizard of Oz, cheering this play’s group of ragtag heroes as they follow the Yellow Brick Road and peek behind the curtain at the mysterious wizard. 

Carmel Mission Basilica will celebrate its 250th birthday on Saturday, Oct. 9 and Sunday, Oct. 10. There will be a concert and a dinner—but you have to buy tickets today, Oct. 4


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Behind the devastating Huntington Beach oil spill: The platform owner previously faced bankruptcy and a history of regulatory problems.
- Los Angeles Times, Oct. 4, 2021

On the 10th anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death, Sir Jony Ive reflects on their collaborations and friendship.
- Wall Street Journal, Oct. 4, 2021


Welcome to new Montana, a skateboarding oasis.This is not the Montana where the wealthy are building ski-in and ski-out mansions or refurbishing a trout stream on a new ranch.

A few(er) good men. Each of the following trends, in isolation, is perplexing. In concert, they are disturbing.

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