Striking Gold

When Horace Mercurio had a talk with his nutritionist, he was searching for anti-inflammatories.

He was obese, his ankles were sore and his hands hurt every night after a day making coffee and sandwiches at Coffee Mia, which Mercurio owns. Losing weight and reducing pain was a priority. He concocted a drink he calls Liquid Gold, and believes it has helped.

After months of experimenting, Mercurio found a balance of tangy and spicy that he says makes it marketable to the general public. “I’ve refined it to where it’s very palatable,” he says.

He started to give free samples in September of 2019. He still gives free shots to on-duty first responders, “to help keep them healthy,” he says.

The mix contains whole organic Meyer lemons, juiced; fresh turmeric and ginger; and three other spices, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and cardamom; plus fresh local sage.

Since Mia’s Liquid Gold was introduced, Mercurio says it has taken on a life of its own. They sell more than 20 gallons of the juice every week, and demand keeps growing. Customers have told him they feel better, and some customers come down from San Francisco to buy large amounts.

Some people drink it as a four-ounce shot, but if they think the flavor is too strong, they can dilute it in water or make tea out of it. Mercurio also claims it’s an energy booster; he used to drink four espressos and a coffee to start his day. Now he takes a shot of Mia’s Liquid Gold and it carries him until late morning.

COFFEE MIA, 250 Reservation Road, Suite E, Marina. Open from 6am-4pm Mon-Sat, 6am-2pm Sun. 384-0148.

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