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It may seem like most popular craft beers coming out these days are fresh takes on the New England-born, but West Coast-inspired, hazy IPA. For Alvarado Street Brewing’s latest creation, the undeniable popularity of the original IPA’s juicier, less bitter cousin was exactly the point.

Hoppy Hiker is ASB’s ode to Big Sur, specifically the Big Sur Land Trust, a local nonprofit that has been working to preserve, conserve and celebrate the natural spaces throughout Monterey County since 1978.

Alvarado Street Brewery’s Brock Bill says the beer’s release coincides with the Big Sur Land Trust’s annual Race for Open Space. People sign up to walk, run or jog on trails anywhere in Monterey County in an effort to log a collective 10,000 miles. The event runs through Sunday, April 25. The can, with artwork designed by Carmel-based artist Liana Vituosek, features a Big Sur Land Trust emblem.

So, do we really need another hazy IPA right now? Bill says when fundraising, it’s best to give the people what they want. “Hazy IPAs are very popular right now and we wanted to do a beer that would get to the most people possible so Big Sur Land Trust would get the most exposure,” Bill says. And after a run in the woods, who wouldn’t want to crack a hazy IPA?

The idea is working: there are only around 100 four-packs left between the three Alvarado Street Brewery locations. Fifteen percent of sales go to Big Sur Land Trust. At $20 per four-pack, Bill estimates the organization will receive $15,000 to $20,000.

ALVARADO STREET BREWERY is located in Monterey, Carmel and Salinas. For more information, visit

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