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The packaging of Cali Stripe Concentrates may look familiar to you; the concentrates used to carry the name Candy Stripe. In 2018, after licensing requirements changed following Prop. 64, founder Russell Daniels started building and licensing Coastal Refinement Solutions with his partners, Mike Tanzer and Arthur Pitt.

After two years off the market, Coastal Refinement Solutions brought the concentrates back into dispensaries with a new name – because edible cannabis products can no longer use the word “candy” – and a slightly new look, and it’s been successful. “As fast as we produce it, it’s selling,” Tanzer says.

The company makes ice water extracts and butane concentrates, known as butane hash oil, depending on which extraction process will yield a better product based on the plant. Live rosin is made when active ingredients are extracted using water. Once those have been extracted, the lab presses and juices the cannabinoids into what is called rosin.

BHO is more refined and it’s made when butane is used to “wash” the plant matter. As it passes over the plant, it carries chemical compounds like terpenes, cannabinoids and lipids from the plant. Then a vacuum pump or heat is used to separate out the butane.

Daniels describes rosin as something similar to a craft beer or wine. “It’s less filtered, less refined and no toxic chemicals were used to extract it,” he says. “Because the lipids are left and some of the fats, it has a more full-bodied flavor.”

CALI STRIPE is made in Seaside and is currently available at The Reef, Synchronicity Holistic and Urbn Leaf dispensaries.

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