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Seaside is welcoming another new dispensary. On Aug. 31, staff from Perfect Union were joined by Seaside Mayor Ian Oglesby and City Councilmember Dave Pacheco for a ribbon-cutting celebrating their first day being open for business.

Since Perfect Union was founded by David Spradlin in Sacramento almost a decade ago, it has grown to become a major cannabis retailer in the area, and now they’re expanding their reach. The Seaside location is just one of four new locations (one recently opened in Riverbank, and two more are scheduled to open in Morro Bay and Turlock in late September).

With each new location the company follows what Spradlin considers a community-based model focused on hiring locally and paying living wages – budtenders start at $17/hour.

“Cannabis still has a stigma, so we have to put our best foot forward and get to know our community,” Spradlin says. “It’s all about connection.”

The company has a history of donating to organizations supporting the homeless, veterans, the LGBTQ+ community and the SPCA, but also encouraging employees to get involved and volunteer in their communities, says Perfect Union’s head of retail operations, Jim Taschetta.

“We want to encourage people to want dispensaries in their neighborhood,” he says. “I want your grandma to feel comfortable walking in here.”

The store is designed to make anyone feel that way when they walk in. It’s small, clean and organized, and even though they carry over 300 products, it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

PERFECT UNION 840 Broadway Ave., Suite B-4, Seaside. 920-4998,

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