Funny Honey

Famously, Winnie the Pooh loves a nice pot of honey (who doesn’t?). But honey itself will not put an anxious bear to sleep on a stormy night in the Hundred Acre Wood – nor an anxious human near Del Monte Forest, for that matter, even if warm milk with a spoonful of honey is a grandparent’s remedy to help one into the arms of sweet Morpheus.

But we have something better for Winnie the Pooh on particularly tough nights, such as the one when Tigger and Pooh met, after Tigger showed up in the middle of the night at Winnie’s cottage, making strange noises. (Tigger was offered honey that night, but – as story goes – he hated it, opting instead for fish oil as his personal pick-me-up.) The good news is that now any honey-loving creature over 21 years old can try a cannabis infused raw honey crafted in California.

The one we tried is produced by San Francisco-based Potli, and the type we tested and liked was labeled Dream honey. It’s for sleep and restoration, stormy night or not. Potli also sells Feel Good honey (for daytime) and clear honey (if you insist). The founder of the company was motivated to create the product to introduce it to her conservative mother, who would never smoke cannabis, and mom ended up benefiting from cannabis’ anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Potli Dream promotes deep rest via CBN, CBC and delta 8 THC. Try a teaspoon with your tea or warm milk before bedtime.

Potli Dream honey can be purchased at Urbn Leaf, 680 Broadway Ave, Seaside. $49 at the store, $32 online before tax and shipping. 233-3422.;

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